League Prices

To play in the 2018 Co-ed Flag Football season you will need to pay 300 nis, plus insurance if you don't have from another league already.  This fee includes uniforms, access to flags, footballs, and the field.

Medical insurance is a requirement. Boys/girls who are still in highschool DO NOT have to pay for the insurance but will have to pay 60 nis for the medical test in order to get the medical insurance.  The insurance is 240 nis for men/women ages 18 to 19 and 300 nis for men/women 20 and up.   Any additional schooling after highschool does not apply to this rule.

For details of where to have the medical test done for your insurance look under the tab 'medical test info'.

We must have full payment from all players and medical stress test receipts and a photo ID in order to be permitted to play.