Co-ed Flag Football

 · Date and time: The league will start on Tuesday, June 13th. Games will be held at Kraft, once a week on Tuesdays between the hours of 19:00-22:00. Each hour will consist of two 22 minute games.

· Team requirements: Each team must have 5 players on the field, with no more than 3 of the same gender. Exception players age 40 and over or 12 and under. (i.e.; a five man team with a 12 year old and a 42 year old)

· Technical rules: Rules on the field will be just like the AFI high-school flag league (see: AFI HS Rules) except specific changes which will be discussed with captains.

· Cost: The season costs 250 shekels per player. This does not include the mandatory insurance. Players ages 18 & under are covered for free, ages 19 & 20 need to pay 230 nis, ages 20 & above need to pay 290 nis. Players with current AFI/WAFI/IFL insurance need not pay anything for insurance. You must pass a test at Machon 1 near Teddy Stadium in order to get the insurance.