Remember The Tightans – Coed Champions

I'm afraid the mechiza has come down on co-ed this year, the season is over, we have christened a victor.


Though Sacks and the City did not win, they also did not lose. They have come out of this season in second place proving that heart has a place on the field. Ephraim Najman, Max Davis, Jesse Zeit, Avi Shindman, Brittany Amsel and Maya Schultz. They showed everyone that it's not just about a player or an individual, its the team coming together that got them here.


Usually I spoil you all with the details at this point. However, this week, I want to do it a bit differently in honor of the season ending. There is no doubt that there were many sports laid out on the field, much athleticism. Countless highlights are worth mentioning, Ephraim Najman bounding down-field ready to lay out Kayla Singer (who's about a quarter of his size),  Moshe Shear throwing the ball really hard at Kayla's face (she's totally fine, btw). We had others as well, Moshes tip toe interception, Zachi Silas' deep touchdown, our kilted man's (Naftali Winocour) lack of a kilt this week was definitely not a highlight, it was the opposite, in fact it was a lowlight. Don't forget Max Davis' countless catches in both the front and back of the endzone. Jesse seemed particularly good at avoiding getting sacked, which is a bummer because their team name is kinda asking for it. In the end of the game the final score was 25-12 Tigthans over SATC. The score does not tell all, there is more to co-ed. For instance as the old adage goes, 'We come for football but we stay for the handshakes'. They're everywhere, handshakes at co-ed are like obese kids at mcdonalds, it's unavoidable, and you'll never forget them.


To mark the end of the season I want to say thank you; to the management, our commish, and everybody who played. Football in israel, for me, is a big deal. When I moved to Israel the football league, and Kraft by extension felt like a second home. It wasn't just football, or even the handshakes, it was the people, the vibe, it gave many of us a place to be ourselves, have fun and grow up. This wasn't just me, there are alot of us out there who view AFI and Kraft in this way, so from all of us, thank you.


That's it for this seasons 'Sport Sport', it has been a pleasure, peace and love. Oo, ya, I forget to mention, undefeated Tightans no biggie, don't worry Crave you'll get ’em next year. Baruch 'Bucky' Apisdorf, signing off for now.