ליגת פלאג נוער – רבע גמר

Playoff Kickoff began and so did the rain.

In our first matchup there was an upset, the game went back and forth from 7-6 then right before half time the Blindhawks made it 13-6. Fluffy Unicorns were frustrated as they had a huddle at the halftime break to get their team going. The second half started as so did the Fluffy Unicorn's offense, they went down the field little by little and scored to make it 13-12, they missed the extra point. With about 10 minutes left Blindhawks came right back and scored with the 2 point conversion to make it a 2 score game 21-12. Fluffy Unicorns tried to pick themselves up and score again with 4 minutes left and 3rd and 10 the QB threw a perfect pass for a first down, but it went right through the receivers hands. Their captain and QB Amichai Lipner tried to pick up the team  to make a first down on 4th and 10 but couldn't find an open receiver and got sacked. With about 2 minutes left Blindhawks took over the ball up 2 scores and wasted the rest of the time to complete the upset in the big win over Fluffy Unicorns 21-12.

The rain finally calmed down for the next playoff games, but they were not as exciting. New England Patriots just obliterated a short-handed Clyde team, as they just kept scoring on them at will to win 39-6. On the other side Wolfpack and JTP kept it close as JTP came out with a TD and extra point in the opening drive. Then they made  a stop on D, and it looked like we were in for another fun upset on Wolfpack (missing their QB). Wolfpack's defense came out strong and caused JTP to go 4 and out 3 more times before half time as they went down the field on offense and scored 3 times before halftime. After halftime Wolfpack scored again to make it 27-7 and JTP had enough as they went down the field pretty quickly to score to still have a chance 27-13. Wolfpack was not having any of this as they came back and scored 2 more times to move on in the playoffs, the final score was 39-13.

Our last playoff game of the night looked promising in the beginning as it took a little time for the offenses to get started. Tryna Score was up 7-0 midway through the first half and their defense kept stopping Shanaynay. Shanaynay had a few chances down field but couldn't connect and the next thing you know Tryna Score gets 2 more touchdowns, by halftime the score was 20-0. Shanaynay tried coming out after halftime make a few complete passes,  but couldn't get a first down. Tryna Score came down the field wasting lots of time with about 10 left to the game they scored again making it 26-0. Shanaynay could not do anything on offense as Tryna Score's defense kept making stop after stop. The clock finally ran out to end tonight's games with a final score of 26-0.

Looking forward to next week, we head to the semi-finals in 2 great matchups Wolfpack takes on Blindhawks and New England Patriots take on Tryna Score.