3 ליגת פלאג נוער- שבוע

As the first games started Clyde's were forced to lose the first game because of logistical problems, but the second game was a close one as Shanaynay won 19-14.

The other game was a good one to start as Mufasa held on to win in a defensive match-up 6-0, The second game on the other hand was a blowout win by Mufasa 25-0 as they are starting to get their chemistry together.

The second set of games were blowouts as the Pink Pansters walked all over Wildthingz 42-20 & 26-13.

Meanwhile on the other field the Flaming Bunnies fire-balled through both games 48-0 & 25-0.

As the featured games at 9PM lived up to the hype the Fanatics beat up on New England Patriots 25-7, but while keeping their heads-up high the New England Patriots came back and won a tight one 15-12 ending the game with a safety.

On the other field it wasn't as close as i thought it would be as Yitzi's Team Smashed JTP 36-6 and 26-6.

Can't wait for week 4's Match-up New England Patriots vs. Yitzi's Team