8 ליגת פלאג נוער- שבוע

We started the night with one 7PM game as the YTA Blades continue their march up the standings and make a playoff push, wiping the floor with the Wildthingz 26-7 and 27-6.

The 8PM games started the same way as Clyde came out with a head of steam and rolled over JTP 21-2 in the first game. In the second game, Clyde let their foot off the gas, and JTP kept their heads up and and fought for the win in a scrappy one, 13-12.

On the other side Mufasa stomped Wildthingz 23-0 and 40-0. Levav Maller, after balling out in the IHFL the night before, had 4 interceptions returning all of them to the house, and adding two TD's on offense.

In the 9PM games, Clyde came out came started with a vengeance, winning the first vs Burnt Chicken 7-6. However, Clyde's star player Yochai had enough, as he was all over the field on defense and ran for 2 TD's on offense, as Clyde blew out Burnt Chicken the second game 20-0.

The other side the Wolf Pack continued in their winning ways over the Flaming Bunnies 33-6 & 32-12 as they stayed on top of the league.

Looking ahead to a wild Week 9, in which 4 of the top 7 teams in the standing teams play double headers and there are 6 teams on bye.