U19 Flag Football Week 3

Finally, a full slew of games as 7:30 rolled around Yaakov’s team came out firing without their injured star QB. Yaakov took the responsibility on his shoulders as they wiped the floor with The Bolts 43-6.

As for the 8:30 game the Kfirim came out with a full roster of their tackle team. Moshe once again came out with all his passion for this game as Moti threw fly after fly. The first 2 possessions were quick as they were full field TD passes. That made it a quick 14-0 lead. Theme Team kept their composure and got a TD and then went for 2, as the half ended 14-8. Theme Teams defense came out strong and got a safety to start the second half. Kfirim shook off this feeling of a close game and stopped them on defense and once again a quick TD throw to Dovi. After that Theme Team couldn’t keep up as the Kfirim got another pick and quick TD, at the end the score was 38-10 Kfirim has shown up strong.

Our 9:30 game again was our featured game as fans piled up on both sides and there was cheering as chanting nonstop. Ben’s team came out strong to hold YTA as possessions went back and forth. For the first 10 minutes there was no scoring. Finally, YTA came out scoring twice in a row as they took a 13-0 lead. On the last drive of the half the QB had enough and threw a deep corner as 2 rushers attacked him to Avi who made one of the craziest catches I’ve ever seen for the TD. The half ended with YTA having a 13-6 lead. YTA also started with the ball in the second half slowly driving down the field to score yet another TD and the 1point conversion. As soon as Ben’s team got the ball the also slowly drove down the field and Yitzy from YTA stepped up his “D” with an almost pick that separated his pinky, The tough got going and Yitzy just got tougher as he had assistance helping his pinky quickly put back in to place and just shook it off to make the next defensive play for the knock down to stop the drive. YTA quickly went down the field with Ami heaving it to Noam time after time to take the 26-6 lead. Ben’s team recomposed and scored quickly but at that point the game was over as YTA took the win 26-12.

This coming up week we are in the unknown as teams still haven’t finalized their teams, so I can’t make the schedule yet. Captains, please take care of that immediately. Good news is that YTA is making another team to bring our league to 8 so as long as all the logistics are taken care of, I can then make the schedule for the rest of the year.

Hope to see everyone at the field this coming up Monday, Yalla!!!!!