U19 Flag Football Week 5

Game 1 was just an absolute demolishing as expected the 2nd place team took on in my opinion the 2nd to worst team with the Trifectas making quick work of Marko’s team 88-6. Well, the 2nd game wasn’t much to differ as the number 1 team YTA newly named Tfillin Terrorists. The game at half was a scare for the number 1 team as Theme team came out strong, the half ended with a 6-6 score. The second half was a whole different story as The Tfillin Terrorists did what they were supposed to do and closed out the game 46-6.

Thank God for the last game of the week was a great matchup 4th place DooDool Tala vs 3rd place Kfirim. Hananel was throwing beautiful side arm darts all night as they came out with a quick 16-point lead as the Kfirim couldn’t keep up with the fire power of Ben and Avi. Kfirim answered right before the half was over with a TD to end the half 16-6. The second half the Kfirim started with a quick TD but to no surprise DooDool Tala quickly answer back with 2 TD’s and got both 2-point conversions and they had the strangle hold on Moshe and the Kfirim 32-12. The Kfirim came back with no time left to score a garbage TD. Doodool Tala now has a strong hold on 3rd place with 32-18 win over the Kfirim.

Come out next week as we hopefully will have a full slew of game from 6:30 all the way until 10:30PM. The featured game of the week is Kfirim Vs Trifecta at 8:30PM. Last call on all teams to finish their registrations and Machon 1 tests.