U19 – Week 1


Man it feels good to be back, as we finally got to start football again.

The Bolts made quick work of Markos team 43-13. Markos team came out with a 1st down TD to start off the game and in the 1st half they looked like a new team that can compete, but the Bolts came out the second half blasting picks and TD’s galore.

Now back to this week the first game was once again Marko’s team vs Yakir’s team. Apparently, there was some trash talking going on in Chorev during the week. Well, that didn’t go well for the rookie team as Yakir’s team came out with a boom and dominated the game 48-12.

Our 2nd game of the week was the newly split up JTP team from the previous year as Ben’s team took on the now established Bolts. Ben’s team came out with a couple of scores as their defense held The Bolts to 1 TD. Ben’s team won 25-8.

Our final game of the night was one for the ages, The stacked YTA team vs the other half of the old JTP team Yaakov’s team featuring Ami Dressler as QB. This was a fun battle back and forth with Azi Duestch scored wide open for the 3rd play of the game TD and on “D” Ami had a sliding sideline interception he injured his non-throwing hand, yet with receiving the snaps under center with 1 hand still came out firing as the second half ended and they were just short of tying the game 13-7 at the half. Unfortunately, Ami was not able to return for the second half, and yet Yaakov really stepped on defense, but YTA was just too strong as they scored a couple of TD’s back to back after an unbelievable 1 handed interception from Noam Fried. Yet Yaakov’s team still had an amazing last drive left to score they got down to the 6 YD line but came up short on 4th down as YTA clinched the game 27-21.

We are working on growing the league so as of right now the schedule for Monday is unknown with 2 more teams to sign up, Yaakov and Ben’s teams will be on a bye since their school is on a class trip. Reminder Machon 1 stress test must be uploaded before Mondays games in order to play.