U19- Week 10


After a week break cause of heavy rains, we return to another packed night of football.

The game of the week kicked off at 6 JTP came out scoring taking a 14-point lead against The Juice. The Juice made some progress down field but couldn’t convert the first 2 drives, on the 3rd drive they finally got a TD and missed the extra point. JTP came right back and scored again to close out the game 20-6. In the second game the defense stepped up on both teams they both went 4 and out on the second drive JTP scored first and missed the extra point. The Juice came right back as Rodrigues ran down the field with some nifty footwork and a questionable spin move for the score. JTP then quickly went down field in a gorgeous deep throw by Ami to a wide-open Ben for the TD. Trailing 12-6 The Juice had the ball for the last drive and was making progress down field little by little but with 20 seconds left they failed on 4th down and took the loss 12-6.

The 6:30 game came and went and once again Marriage U Wanna? smothered The Schnitzels 34-0 and 29-12. Honey Badgers came back this week after a few weeks absence and didn’t lose a step as they rolled all over Ball of Duty 33-0 and 26-7.

The 8pm and 9pm games also went by fast as No Punt Intended had a double header, they got beat up the first slot of games by Cereal Killers 19-6 and 27-12. In the second part of the double header they came back to slip by Bug Bunny on both games 14-12 and 17-6.

At 9:30 the first game Toe Drag Swag started off with a touchdown caught by Elisha Farkas on an amazing juggling catch. Then Free Hong Kong marched down the field and scored to make it 6-6. Afterwards Elisha scored another touchdown for Toe Drag Swag and they went up 12-6. Then Free Hong Kong scored a pair of touchdowns and they won the game 22-12. The second started off with a touchdown by Free Hong Kong and they went up 6-0. Afterwards Toe Drag Swag scores after Elisha scored again after he “mossed” the other team’s defender. Isaac Jacobson also scored on a trick play for Toe Drag Swag. Towards the end of the game the score was 14-13 Toe Drag Swag and they were able to hold on to win the game thanks to great flag pulls.

The other 9:30 slotted game was a forfeit by Angry Muppets, so Titans got 2 free wins. Our final game of the night was a good one as the Mighty Eagles beat up on a shorthanded Backstreet Boiz team 20-6. In the second game Backstreet Boiz got a full team finally and made it a much better game Mighty eagles came out and took a 6-0 lead right away. The defenses were strong in this game after a few non scoring drives Mighty eagles were finally driving and suddenly on a throw to convert a 3rd down the QB threw a costly pick 6 to Shmuel Rudolf to tie the game. But that didn’t discourage Tzvi Eli the QB he came back down field and threw an amazing to drag TD to Shalom Chananiah. Backstreet Boiz came right back trying to win for the last drive but with Shalom Chananiah’s superb rushing skills he sacked the Backstreet Boiz QB every time on the last drive as they tried to make a comeback as the Mighty Eagles took the win 12-6.