U19 – Week 11


Monday night went really fast as games were flowing through the night.

The 6:15 games Honey Badgers quickly came to the field and left in the same fashion as they beat up on No Punt Intended 34-0 & 20-6.

At 7PM The Schnitzels with some crazy trickery came out on top of the first game 26-21. A really upset and frustrated Toe Drag Swag team had enough and beat up on The Schnitzels 18-6.

On the other side of the field at 7:30 a tired and sick Jimmy Gui team beat a winless Bugs Bunny team 13-6 & 24-18. At 7:45 PM the same No Punt Intended kept their fire burning from getting beat up on the first 2 games returned the favor as they beat up on Angry Muppets 26-6 and 18-6. Once again, the team that was playing the first place Titans didn’t show up so they got both wins over Cereal Killers by rule of forfeit.

The 9:15 game and went as JTP made quick work of Toe Drag Swag 22-0 and 15-0 as they are slowly moving up in the standings. The Mighty Eagles made quick work of a short-handed Ball of Duty team   18-8 and 35-0. Big Blue Sheigetz has been on fire lately as they beat Backstreet Boiz 13-6 and 27-7, both teams were short-handed. Free Hong Kong took both from a very injured Marriage U Wanna? team     23-13 and 14-7 for our last game of the night.

This coming Monday night come out and watch the game of the week as Jimmy Gui takes on the first place Titans at 6:30 (times are subject to change). The are a few other great games going on as Mighty Eagles fight for a playoff spot vs Marriage U Wanna? and Big Blue Sheigetz takes on Free Hong Kong, both teams have been on fire lately.