U19 – Week 12


The last few weeks to the regular season have approached us. On arguably the coldest night in Jerusalem, the First place Titans played an injured Jimmy Gui team, while Jimmy Gui tried to stay relevant the Titan were just too much to handle as they took the first game 13-7. For the second game the Titans took it easily 20-6.

On Field 3 the Cereal Killers came and took care of business and left as they beat up on The Schnitzels 18-0 and 26-6.

At 7pm it was brother vs brother as Coby Nathan tried to keep up with last years MVP aka his brother Moshe, but it was way too much to handle as the Honey Badgers demolished with no remorse 21-7 and 20-7.

At 8PM Free Hong Kong snuck past The Schnitzels 7-0 and 14-6. At 8:30 Bugs Bunny finally got their first win, its been 2 years now as they beat Toe Drag Swag 32-21, unfortunately they couldn’t repeat that and lost the second one as Toe Drag Swag took it 20-14 in the second game.

For the 9PM game Free Hong Kong came out rolling as they pulled off the upset 13-0 but Big Blue Sheigetz brought back that fiery passion to win and won the second game 20-6.

The Backstreet Boiz claimed it was too cold to play so The Juice got 2 wins by forfeit.

At 9:30 JTP destroyed Ball of Duty 46-0 and after that they were sick of scoring and in the second game it was 13-6. JTP filled up the stats sheet 3 of their 5 INT’s were pick 6s Ben had 2 of those. Ami threw for a full field TD to Avi for a TD and added on 2 rushing TDs and Azi also had 2 rushing TD’s, on defense Matan lead the charge sacking the QB nonstop.

We finally closed out the night with Marriage U Wanna? slipping by Mighty Eagles 13-6 and then beating up on them for the second game 35-6.

The standings are constantly changing as of right now Jimmy Gui who was in second place all season and over the last few weeks dropped all the way down to 9th kicking them out of the playoffs for now. Hopefully they can win all 4 this coming Monday to get back into the playoff picture. With only 2 weeks left it’s a race for the top 9 teams , who’s going to make the playoffs and where are they going to seed.