U19 – Week 13


The Second to last week of the regular season kicked off in full force with 10 matchups. At 6PM Marriage U wanna? flew to the top of the standings blowing out Jimmy Gui 42-6 in the first game and 26-12 in the second. Those wins put them into second place and now they control their own destiny if they win both next week, they locked up second place.

At 6:30PMJTP is cake walking through this league lately as they just did to No Punt Intended 25-7 and 29-6. JTP has a chance at 3rd place all depends on what the Honey Badgers do against the first placed team Titans. The other slotted 6:30 game was a forfeit once again the Backstreet Boiz were a no show, so the Schnitzels got 2 free wins by default. The past few weeks Backstreet Boiz have forfeited their way out of the playoffs its unfortunate to see such a thing happen.

The 7PM game has a major roll in the seeding of this league Jimmy Gui took the first one 19-14 but in the second game Cereal Killers came back and took the second game 19-7. This is going to be fun to see what happens next week these wins by both teams gives them a fighting chance at the playoffs. Cereal Killers are currently in 10th place but have a triple header on Monday, while Jimmy Gui is holding on to the last spot.

The 7:30PM game was the quickest I’ve seen , Marriage U Wanna ? easily puffed through Bugs Bunny 16-0 and 20-0. We already spoke about Marriage U Wanna? as for Bugs Bunny they pretty much locked up not going to the playoffs (even the lower tier playoffs).

At 8PM Cereal Killers kept their playoffs hopes alive by destroying Ball of Duty 25-0 and 18-0. Cereal killers completely shut down ball of duty in both games, The QB Zeev Geller threw for 5 TD and rushed for 4 while he spread the ball through everyone on the team, but the Cereal killers offense couldn’t have done it without their defense that had Yakir and Ilan rushing and getting sacks.The defense also had Avichai and Yaakov playing great coverage and of course the heart of the defense Danieli Yitchaki who keeps the team going at all times. We already discussed what needs to happen for Cereal Killers to make the top tier playoffs, as for Ball of Duty they locked in16th place and will play the 9th place team on March 2nd.

The 9PM game Titans mutilated Bugs Bunny 27-6 and 42-0 finally a 1st vs 17th place matchup. At 9:30PM Free Hong Kong secured the playoffs by beating up on Mighty Eagles 22-7 and 39-13. This game probably knocked out Mighty Eagles from the top tier playoffs depends on what Jimmy Gui and Cereal Killers do, as for Free Hong Kong have the 6th or 7th spot locked up to themselves. The other 9:30PM game was a split Big blue Sheigetz took the first game 18-12 but Toe Drag Swag took advantage of a lot of miscues and won the second game 25-12. Toe drag swag is in the midst of the lower tier playoffs and locked in there, as for Big Blue they are playing a dangerous game going Jackyl and Hyde towards the end of the season they have a chance of being knocked out of the playoffs but they currently hold 7th place and if the end the season strong they have a chance at 6th.

The Final game of the night started at 10pm The Juice slipped by Angry Muppets 14-7 in the first game and destroyed them in the second 24-8. Angry Muppets pretty much locked themselves in as the 3rd to last place, as for The Juice they pretty much locked up 5th place.

Please come out on Monday as we have a full night of football with so many playoff implications, there are 12 scheduled game. This is the last week of the regular season even though there will still be 2 regular season game played on March 2nd due to no more space to play.