U19 – Week 14


What a way to close out the season, the bottom half of the standings all changed. We kicked off our busiest week Jimmy Gui split with The Schnitzels destroying them the first game 36-7 only to fall to The Schnitzels in the second game 20-7. Jimmy Gui’s playoff hopes will be decided next game they play Mighty Eagles for who is making it.

The other slotted game Ball of Duty forfeited to The Juice, so they got 2 wins by default and locked in 5th place. On the other field Honey Badgers came out on fire to beat up on the number 1 team Titans 15-6 and 16-0 also the next slot of 7pm games they also beat up on The Schnitzels 20-0 and 24-0. The Honey Badgers locked in 3rd place and will be playing Big Blue Sheigetz and The Schnitzels ended in 12th place which is amazing for what they came with.

On the other field the Cereal Killers came out for a triple header. The first set of games they beat up on Free Hong Kong 19-0 and 15-8, possibly knocking them out of the playoffs. At 8pm they squeezed by Toe Drag Swag 7-6 and 21-7 and at 9pm they beat up on Angry Muppets 19-0 and 27-20. Cereal Killers locked in 7th place and Toe Drag Swag a respectful 11th.

On the other field at 8PM No Punt Intended slid by Ball of Duty 20-13 and 14-12. No Punt then played Big Blue Sheigetz at 9Pm only to get smacked around 26-6 and 24-8. They finished in an upsetting 13th place but will hopefully come back next year better and stronger look out for them as they have a lot of talent on the team.

Big Blue Sheigetz played another one at 10PM vs Angry Muppets and destroyed them the first game 19-0 and slid by them the second game 27-20 to lock up 6th place as they fell in the standings to The Juice because of a 1-point differential in the season. Angry Muppets ended in a disappointing 15th place as Ball of Duty came in 16th.

On the other field Marriage U Wanna? dominated some old friends known as Backstreet Boiz 14-6 and 20-6 locking them in 2nd place overall and the Backstreet Boiz fell to 14th place to no fault but their own. The other field JTP obliterated Bugs Bunny 21-0 and 27-0 as they locked up 4th place and Bugs Bunny finished in last place but at least this year they got a win.

We don’t have a date yet due to voting day for the last game and playoffs but stay tuned on the website.