U19 – Week 4

It was a cold rainy night; we were determined to play either way. The rivers surrounding Kraft Family Sports Campus started filling up and rushing everywhere.

Our 6:30 games kicked off on time either way The Juice fought hard and help up the best team in the league for a while, but they succumbed to the Titans 14-0 & 13-7.

      On the other field was the game of the week and I was finally right back and forth Honey Badger and Jimmy Gui (Discount Doubleshrek) went to tie the first game 20-20 and the second game was a defensive battle with Jimmy Gui slipping by 7-6. Shaya Danto threw for 3 TD’s and rushed for 1 and Yishai received 3 TD’s and had a pick on defense.

        The 7:30 came and went quickly as the rain started to slow down No Punt Intended beat a very short-handed Backstreet Boiz team 24-12 (because of technicalities) and 30-6. On the other field Marriage U Wanna? Continued their usual ways beating Toe Drag Swag 20-0 and 16-6.

The 8:30 games brought clear skies Big Blue Sheigetz closely won 7-6 and then steam rolled over Ball of Duty for the second game 20-6. On the other field Angry Muppets used their experience and beat The Schnitzels 20-12 and 21-13.         Bugs Bunny was a no show, so Cereal Killers got 2 free forfeited wins.

The lonely 9:30 game was a great one for JTP as they surprised Might Eagles and blew them out 24-0. The Mighty Eagles regathered and won a close one for the second game 27-20 hopefully JTP can figure out how to beat the best teams in 2 games and not just splitting them.

This Monday come out and watch The Schnitzels and Ball of Duty @7PM which I think will be the game of the week even though they are on the bottom half of the standings. let's see if Ball of Duty can string together some wins.