U19 – Week 5


The night started off perfectly, beautiful weather for football -not too cold and not too warm.

The 6:30 games started with an amazing match-up on field 1. Free Hong Kong took the first game 12-6 in a close one and last year’s champs did not like having their first loss like this as they came back to win the second one in a nail bitter 18-14. Moshe threw for 2 TD’s and Jordan received both.

On field 2 Jimmy Gui kept rolling as they slipped pass No Punt Intended 26-12 & 20-14. Shaya threw for 6 TD’s, Yishai Jake and Kahn each received 2 themselves, on defense Yishai had 3 picks and Jake 1. No punt Intended did not go down easy as Natie and Amichai each had 2 TD’s as well with Josh having an interception on defense.

On field 3 as predicted once again game of the week Ball of Duty did it and finally got their first win vs The Schnitzels 19-12 but could not hold on for the second game as The Schnitzel came back and won in a close one 19-18. Moshe had 3 TD’s Netanel with 2, Betzalel and Adin had one each as well. On defense Max and Moshe each had a pick.

The night started to really get cold like into the single digits, as the smoke came from all the heavy breathing 7:30 and 8:30 games flew by as The Titans steamed through The Schnitzels 26-6 and 32-12 The Schnitzels were gassed after the first games and even more so against the number 1 team in the league.

The Angry Muppets beat up on a shorthanded Bugs Bunny 34-6 and 30-6 as the Mighty Eagles did the same @9:30 to Bugs Bunny 18-12 and 18-7. Hopefully Bugs Bunny can field a full team next time and can be a great team in this league.

On Field 2 Toe drag swag was up 7-0. Backstreet Boiz marched down field and scored to make it 7-6 with less than a minute left. They elected to go for the 2-point conversion and failed. As a result of that Toe drag swag kneeled the ball and game over.

Second game: The game started with a 45-yard touchdown catch and run by Noam Moore. Then Backstreet Boiz went up 14-7 after scoring two touchdowns. David Finkelstein then scored for toe drag swag making the game 14-13 after failing to complete the 1-point conversion. After a stop on defense Toe drag swag got the ball with 45 seconds to go. They marched down field and eventually scored a touchdown on a 20-yard run by Isaac Jacobson with 10 second left. The game wasn’t over yet, Backstreet Boiz had a big completion down field and got down to the 15-yard line. On the last play of the game they failed to score, and Toe drag swag held on to win the game 20-14.

Come out and watch us play Chanukah with a few double headers and a great matchup: Titans vs Big Blue Sheigetz.