U19 – Week 7


The last day of winter break and the Chanukah traffic was finally coming to an end. There was lots of football to be played as we kicked off the night with Toe Drag Swag sweeping Angry Muppets 12-6 & 21-14. On the other field on what I thought would be the matchup of the night Jimmy Gui showed that they belong on the top of the standing as they stomped JTP 14-0 & 26-14. Shaya had 4 passing TD’s while Yishai had 1 and Kahn, Jake and Kobi (Game Clinching) all received 1 while Yishai had 2.

7:30 games kicked off with Toe Drag Swag playing a double header as they seemed gassed as The Juice continued in their winning ways 23-0 and 24-7. Then the Juice played another game and beat up on Free Hong Kong 19-6 & 25-6 as The Juice slid into 4th place. David and Noam each had 2 TD’s while Ramirez, Ami and Yakir each had 2. On defense Ramirez and Ami had 3 picks each while Noam had 2 and Yakir had 1.

On the other field JTP came out for another double header as the Honey Badgers beat up on them 23-0 and 24-7. JTP just had a bad night and hopefully they can shake it off as they slid down to 8th place in the standings.

At 9:30 Honey Badgers also had a double header, but they seemed really gassed as Big Blue Shegeitz came out cool calm and collective as they took care of business 21-6 & 14-6.

Our last game of the night Backstreet Boiz quietly beat Cereal Killers 13-12 in the first game but they could not keep it up and lost the second one as Cereal Killers picked themselves up and won 22-13 in the second game. Shmuel and Moshe each had a TD for Backstreet boiz.

Come out this Monday and watch Big Blue Sheigetz try to climb the standings as they face the number 3 team in the league Jimmy Gui .