u19 – Week 8


Halfway to the promise land, as our beautiful jerseys came in this week and we had 9 games on the schedule to show them off. We kicked off at 6PM with a great matchup Free Hong Kong came out firing to take the lead 13-0 as JTP kept fighting back even though they came out slow, but no matter how much they fought Free Hong Kong slipped by 13-12. The second game JTP had enough and just took the game 20-6. JTP has been a Jekyll and Hyde team they need to come out strong each game in order to establish themselves as a top team in this league.At 6:30 Marriage U Wanna ? came and went so fast as they blew past No Punt Intended 32-0 and 26-14.

At 7PM we had a no show, so the Titans won by forfeit over Backstreet Boiz 24-0 for both games by default. At 7:30 Bugs Bunny finally showed up with a full team as they got shut down 20-0 by Free Hong Kong for the first game, But the second game their chemistry started clicking as they snuck by Free Hong Kong 16-12.

At 8PM Toe Drag Swag bashed up on No punt Intended the first game started off with two touchdowns by Toe Drag Swag scored by Elisha Farkas. Noam Moore also scores two touchdowns for Toe Drag Swag. Towards the end of the game Isaac Jacobson had a pick six to cap it off. The second game was close until Isaac Jacobson, Toe Drag Swag had a pick in the red zone and almost took it back for a touchdown. Then Toe Drag Swag went up 19-6. Afterwards No Punt Intended scored and the score was 19-12. On the next drive by Toe Drag Swag, the ball was thrown high in the air and Yehudah Eisenberg made an Adam Thielen like catch and scored. Toe Drag Swag won 32-12. At 8:30 PM Ball of Duty started clicking with the nicest looking jerseys of the night, so dress well play well took a factor in this game as they beat Angry Muppets 12-7 as for the second game I guess that theory didn’t pan out as Angry Muppets came back and beat up on Ball of Duty 34-19.

Finally, our game of the night at 9PM it was amazing, the game went back and forth as Jimmy Gui snuck by 13-12 in the first game. The second game Big Blue Sheigetz came out and showed they are a top team in this league as they beat up on Jimmy Gui 25-8 in the second game. First game Shaya had two touchdown passes one to Kobi and a game-winning last second hail Mary to Jake and on defense Jake and Shaya also had a pick six. In the second game Shaya had a touchdown pass to Yishai for Jimmy Gui. The 9:30 Games were pretty good too Mighty Eagles slipped by 20-19 over the Cereal Killers in the first game. In the second game Cereal Killers showed they are an experienced football team and demolished the Mighty Eagles 20-0. Finally, after a very long night the 10PM game went by quickly in 2 surprisingly close games The Juice squeezed out the win 26-25 in the first game against a full Schnitzels squad. In the second game it was a defensive matchup as they tied 6-6 The Schnitzels showed the league they can keep up with top teams when they show up with a full team.

Come out on Monday and watch as the bottom teams fight it out to maybe move up ion the standings as Ball of Duty tries to sneak past Toe Drag Swag at 8PM.