U19 – Week 3

Kickoff at 6:30 started off with the best games of the night. The Juice came out hot continuing from last week. Ramirez kept his streak going with 3 TD’s and Ami Slifkin got his first also on defense Ramirez was all over the place getting 2 interceptions. The Honey Badgers, last year’s champions came back even stronger to pull off both close wins with Moshe Nathan’s (last year’s MVP) got a last second TD to win 26-25and 21-18. Moshe Nathan also had 2 picks and Ari Schwartz stole 1 too on defense while they spread the ball on offense as Noam Fried and Ari Schwartz also found the promise land.

On the other side of the field The Schnitzels came out firing away winning the first game 27-6 but in the second game No Punt Intended had enough as the scoring went back and forth The Schnitzels were leading 32-27 with only seconds left the QB threw the hail mary to get their first win but the receiver was grabbed and held on to, so he could not make the catch unfortunately the ref could not see this happen so they had to take the tough loss, as we see this happen in the NFL too. Binyamin Gottlieb, Tzvi Lazar & Chaim Weinberg grabbed 3 TD’s each while Mati Bendarsh destroyed the opponent’s offense with 4 interceptions, he too had a TD. Alex had 2 TD’s and an interception while Charlie had 1 and 1 for No Punt Intended. Hopefully, they can pull off a win next week vs Backstreet Boiz.

For the 3RD 6:30 Game Free Hong Kong destroyed Ball of Duty 25-6 but in the second game it went back and forth in a close one Free Hong Kong came out on top of Ball of Duty once again for the 20-14 win. Moshe Katsman , Betzalel and Netanel each had a TD, while Netanel also added an INT for Ball of Duty.

As for our lonely 8:30PM game which was the matchup of the week somehow JTP pulled off the win with a stellar full field TD run from Amitai Dressler and Ben Esshagian got 2 deep ones for the upset and don’t forget Azi’s diving extra point grab for the win 20-19. Don’t worry though the once undefeated Titans came right back in their true form to blow out the second game 31-0. The Titans came out again for a double header vs Mighty Eagles and continued this rampage 29-12 and 34-0 as they are currently in first place. Meanwhile on the other fields there were other great matchups as Marriage u wanna? Went creeping by Big Blue Sheigetz with a great defensive game 20-12 and 7-0. On the other field what were once teammates now opponents Backstreet Boiz beat the undefeated Discount Doublshrek in another nail bitter 14-13 but then Discount Doubleshrek came back in their usual fashion to win 21-15. Shaya Danto threw for a total of 5 TD’s Yishai caught 3 of them and also added an interception. For the Backstreet Boiz Shmuel had 2 TD’s and 2 picks while Moshe had 2 TD’s and 1 Pick.

Come next week and see if Discount Doubleshrek can keep up winning vs. last year’s champions the Honey Badgers at 6:30PM for the game of the week!