BDMG makes imprint on league, breaks into the Top Five

Week Three Of The FM Home Loans AFI League was a week of top
teams showcasing their talents on both sides of the ball. Many games
were very defensive and multiple shutouts occurred. The crowd
packed in early to cheer on their favorite squads on a breezy night in
the holy city at Kraft Stadium. The Stakes are growing higher as
multiple teams have already completed a third of their season and the
hopes of raising the Holy Land Bowl Trophy is nearing in.

The Mobsters (3-1) Vs Soulja Boi (1-3)

Soulja Boi's comeback was stopped short after Eliyahu Pearl had a game
ending interception to help The Mobsters win game one 13-7. The
Mobster's quarterback Akiva Klein threw three touchdown passes to
Shalom Weisberg for a game two 22-8 victory.

OA Huskies (0-4) Vs Mercaz Moosen (4-0)

Mercaz Moosen continued its dominance on defense with two shutouts
over The OA Huskies 19-0, and 26-0. Dovie Dreyfuss connected with
multiple receivers for touchdown passes in both games. Playmaker
Moshe Feintuch had touchdowns on both sides of the ball to help lead
Mercaz Moosen.

Big Blue (0-6) Vs YLE Bachelors (3-1)

Chaim Harris excelled all over the field with two interceptions and
multiple receiving touchdowns to lead YLE Bachelors to a game one 21-
12 victory. Big Blue was able to keep the game close early but
continued its struggles in a game two 14-0 defeat.
Chippie's Chocolate Chips (0-3-1) Vs Service King Spartans (3-1)

Quarterback Nussie Felder lead the Service King Spartans with two
rushing and two throwing touchdowns to win game one 28-6. Service
King Spartans defense only allowed six points in game two 15-6 victory.

Jay Feder Jewelers (1-5) Vs Route 38 Warriors (2-2)

Jay Feder Jewelers picked up their first win of their season after a tough
fought 7-0 game one win. Route 38 Warriors mounted a heroic
comeback with a safety and then a touchdown with under two minutes
to seal a game two 8-7 victory.

Toras Chaim (3-2-1) Vs BDMG (1-2-1)

BDMG's shutdown defense and a clutch receiving touchdown from
Gedalia Pleeter helped BDMG pick up their first win of the season with
a 7-0 game one victory. Both teams battled hard in game two which
ended in a 6-6 tie.

TOP Five Power Rankings:
1- Pizzeria Efrat – Lots of close games to start the season.
2- Mercaz Moosen – Tough to score versus this intimidating defense.
3- YLE Bachelors – Chaim Harris is becoming a humble star.
4- D.E.C. – Looking to get back into high gear with their full squad.
5- BDMG – Rookie team is growing up fast.