Kickoff Begins!

Opening Kickoff of the 31 st season of The FM Home Loans AFI League
was a historic night at new Kraft Stadium in the Jerusalem. The crowd
came early on to see all the new talent the league has to offer this year.
Many new teams showed the veteran squads that victories will need to
be earned. The lights were switched on, the electricity filled the airy
evening, the players suited up, and the start of the long journey to the
Holy Land Bowl began.

Jay Feder’s Jewelers (0-2) Vs Youngblood (2-0)
Youngblood dominated game one 22-0 and game two 13-0 behind
stellar shout out defense and multiple touchdowns from their stars Ari
Jacobs and Daniel Vickman.

Toras Chaim (2-0) Vs Jerry’s Kids (0-2)

Toras Chaim’s new additions, tight end Binyamin Larner and Wide
Reciever Dovid Marmurstein, each played big roles in helping their
team defeat Jerry’s Kids 32-0 and 19-0.

D.E.C. (1-1) Vs Super Zol Daphna’s Blueshells (1-1)

The Blueshells Shocked D.E.C. with a massive upset with touchdowns
from Ben Alum and Shaul in a game one 12-6 victory. D.E.C. showed
their true colors in a game two 14-6 win, behind stellar play from wide
receivers Moshe Shear and Gidon Hazony.
Orlo (2-0) Vs Bandits (0-2)

Orlo defeated the Bandits in game one 13-6 behind playmaker Yosef
Damski. Orlo’s quarterback Meir Reischer threw three touchdowns in
game two to lead his team to a 19-6 victory.

Big Blue (0-2) Vs Pizerria Efrat (2-0)

Big Blue blew a late 12-7 lead with the ball in the red zone to be
defeated 13-12 in game one. Pizzeria Efart cruised to game two 24-6
victory behind star quarterback Akiva Schwartz.

Joe’s Eagles (1-0-1) Vs Chippie’s Chocolate Chips (0-1-1)

Both teams each scored early on but couldn’t add points in what ended
in a 7-7 tie. Joe’s Eagles took control in game two with stellar play from
quarterback Simon Kleiman to win 25-13.

Week One Top Five Power Rankings:
1- Pizzeria Efrat – Even with a scare in game one – this team showed
they can close games.
2- D.E.C – Looking to start their running game once key players
3- Toras Chaim – Quarterback Shuey Dachs becoming a leader with
his young offense.
4- Mercaz – Dovie Dreyfuss will look to capitalize in the red zone this
5- YLE Bachelors – Avi Zern finally playing with “the boys”.