Mercaz Moosen stays undefeated with two big victories.

Week 7 Of The FM Home Loans AFI League separated the men
from the boys as the midway point of the season has passed and the
playoffs are on the horizon. Teams looked to lock in on improving their
weak points while continuing to work on their playbooks and
comradery. The crowd packed into Kraft Stadium on a chilly winter
night in Jerusalem. The final stretch they go, as the dreamers look to
complete their mission of raising the Holy Land Bowl.

Big Blue (0-12) Vs D.E.C. (7-3)

D.E.C.’s offense came alive in game one with a big performance from
quarterback Avrami Farkas’s multiple touchdown passes which lead to
a 28-6 victory. Big Blue kept game two competitive for most of the
game, but was unable to pick of their first win of the season, falling 20-

Soulja Boi (3-5) Vs Service King Spartans (7-3)

Soulja Boi looked impressive in game one playing well on both sides of
the ball and finishing the upset with a 16-14 win. Service King Spartans
bounced back in a close game two, salvaging a 21-18 victory.

Jay Feder Jewelers (2-10) Vs Bandits (5-7)

Quarterback Mordechai Krupp lead the way for the bandits, winning a
tight game one 14-12. Both teams went back and forth in game two
with many lead changes but it ended with the Bandits sacking the
quarterback of Jay Feder Jewelers on the last play of the game to sneak
out a 21-20 victory.

OA Huskies (2-7-1) Vs BDMG (2-6-2)

Avraham Krieger cradled in a touchdown on the last drive for the OA
Huskies to salvage a 6-6 tie. OA Huskies defensive line led by Sendy
Goldstein, gave BDMG’s quarterback lots of pressure in a big 12-6
victory for the OA Huskies.

Mercaz Moosen (10-0) Vs YLE Bachelors (4-6)

Mercaz Moosen continued their undefeated season with two early
scores than had impressive defense, stopping YLE Bachelors from
mounting a comeback and winning game one 13-7. Mercaz Moosen’s
quarterback Dovie Dreyfuss found his favorite target, wide receiver
Shragie Peretz, for multiple catches to help Mercaz Moosen win game
two 14-0.

Youngblood (8-4) Vs Chippie’s Chocolate Chips (4-7-1)

Youngblood continued to play impressive football, overtaking the top
spot in their division after two big wins versus the feisty Chippie’s
Chocolate Chips, 14-0 and 21-0.

Rebbishe Vikings (5-5) Vs Toras Chaim (8-2-2)

Toras Chaim came out strong in game one behind new quarterback,
shutting out the Rebbishe Vikings 19-0 in game one. Toras Chaim’s
tight end Binyamin Larner caught multiple passes and helped his team
to an 18-6 game two victory.

The Mobsters (6-2) Vs Route 38 Warriors (4-6)

The Mobsters took care of business in game one behind playmakers
Akiva Klein and Sammy Sonnenberg to win 14-0. Team leader Gershi
Liff led the Mobsters in game two for a 20-12 victory.

1 – Mercaz Moosen – Only undefeated team in the league looks
2 – Pizzeria Efrat – Veterans will use their experience come playoff
3 – D.E.C. – Putting together the pieces at the right time.
4 – Toras Chaim – The boys are having fun again.
5 – YLE Bachelors – Need to regroup and recommit.