Mercaz and T.C. split as Pizzeria makes heroic comeback vs D.E.C.

Week 10 of The FM Home Loans AFI League had all the action one

could handle with games ending on last plays, heroic comebacks, and

strong passionate play. Many top teams faced off in heated matchups.

The brazen crowd fought off the heavy winds and rains to show their

support for their favorite teams on a chilly wintery evening at Kraft

Stadium in Jerusalem. The last stretch before the playoffs is here as the

long journey shortens to the Holy Land Bowl.


Service King Spartans (11-3) Vs Joe’s Eagles (5-9-2)


Service King Spartans continued their impressive winning streak behind

quarterback Nussie felder and wide receiver Avi Faivish for two big

victories, 13-0 and 25-7 versus a struggling Joe’s Eagles.


The Mobsters (12-2) Vs Orlo (9-4-1)


The Mobsters were playing hard looking to take the top spot in their

division. They came out fired up behind lots of pressure from team

leader Sammy Sonnenberg to lead them to two shutout wins, 6-0 and



OA Huskies (2-11-1) Vs YLE Bachelors (9-7)


YLE Bachelors fought off the feisty OA Huskies who were playing for

their playoff lives. YLE Bachelors played two games of consistent

football picking up both wins, 12-6 and 20-6.


Toras Chaim (9-7-2) Vs Mercaz Moosen (12-2)


Mercaz Moosen’s defense proved once again they are the top in the

league with a game one 6-0 shutout victory. Toras Chaim bended but


didn’t break in game two after looking like they had the game in the

bag, Mercaz fought back to bring the game within a point but failed to

convert the two-point conversion and fell in a tough 7-6 loss.


Rebbishe Vikings (6-8-2) Vs Blueshells (3-8-3)


Rebbishe Vikings looked to bounce back after a previous hard week.

Both teams battled for points, and in the end the defense was the story

in two games that ended in 7-7 ties.


D.E.C. (9-7) Vs Pizzeria Efrat (15-1)


Pizzeria Efrat’s defense dominated in game one behind the duo

defensive line of the Sklar brothers who each racked up multiple sacks

in a 12-0 shutout victory. D.E.C. had the ball up 13-0 with less than half

the game to be played but the veteran leadership of Pizzeria Efrat

combined with a drive to never give up led them to a heroic comeback

to defeat D.E.C 14-13 in game two.


BDMG (6-8-2) Vs Big Blue (1-15)


BDMG came out poised looking to continue from last week. BDMG

played stellar on both sides of the ball to win both games in shutout

fashion, 26-0 and 28-0.



1 – Pizzeria Efrat – Defensive line looks unstoppable right now.

2 – Mercaz Moosen – Can they use it to make them better.

3 – Toras Chaim – Offense must turn it up for playoffs.

4 – D.E.C. – Trying to fit the pieces right in the puzzle.

5 – YLE Bachelors – Playmakers need to shine.