Pizzeria Efrat and Toras Chaim to face off in the Holy Land Bowl

The Semi-Finals of The FM Home Loans AFI League was a tale of Cinderella stories coming to an end. The underdogs ran out of gas versus the top studded teams in the league who were prepared for the task at hand. Two of the top teams in the league, Toras Chaim and Pizzeria Efrat will face off in the 31st FM Home Loans AFI League Holy Land Bowl. Two will enter with high hopes, but only one will raise the trophy.


OA Huskies Vs Soulja Boy

In an historic overtime finish, both teams battled and traded touchdown scores and opportunities to close out the game. In the end it was OA Huskies scoring and then turning to their defense to close out the game for a 43-37 overtime victory.


OA Huskies Vs Toras Chaim

Toras Chaim continued their dominance on both sides of the ball all games long. Yossi Malek threw two touchdown passes in the first half to put his team up at half time. OA Huskies could not find any momentum on offense due to heavy pressure being applied by defensive linemen – Ari Miller and Yehuda Malek. Toras Chaim added two more touchdowns and shutdown defense in the second half to pull away in a 27-0 victory and advance to the Holy Land Bowl for the first time in Yeshiva history.


Pizzeria Efrat Vs Service King Spartans

Pizzeria Efrat went up by two touchdowns quickly helped by an interception touchdown by David Tover. Quarterback David Abell played stellar finding multiple receivers for touchdown throws. Service King Spartans were able to move the ball versus the number one defense in the league led by the Sklar brothers but could never find the end zone. Pizzeria Efrat pulled away early in the second half en route to a 40-0 shutout victory and a matchup with Toras Chaim in the Holy Land Bowl.