Pizzeria Efrat wins both versus T.C. – Takes back top spot in the Power Rankings.

Week 9 of The FM Home Loans AFI League brought out dominance

from the top teams in the league. Players bundled up a freezing night

at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem as their die-hard fans cheered them on.

Teams look to make a final push before the playoffs as the last stretch

of the season starts. The time is now, playoffs are nearing, and the

road to the Holy Land Bowl awaits.


Joe’s Eagles (5-7-2) Vs Soulja Boi (7-5)


Soulja Boi made a big statement and had a turning point to their season

in two big victories versus a struggling Joe’s Eagles, 12-6 and 14-6.


Rebbishe Vikings (6-8) Vs BDMG (4-8-2)


BDMG came out very poised and took control of game one early behind

stellar quarterback play from Noam Gelb in a 19-0 game one shutout.

Rebbishe Vikings fought back in a game two that went back and forth

which ended in BDMG’s defense making a final stand to win game two



The Mobsters (10-2) Vs Chippie’s Chocolate Chips (4-9-1)


The Mobsters continued their dominance over their division with

passionate play on both sides of the ball all night which resulted in two

victories, 20-0 and 19-6.


Toras Chaim (9-5-2) Vs Pizzeria Efrat (13-1)


Pizzeria Efrat’s zone defense and big time pressure from the Sklar

brothers resulted in a 13-6 game one victory. Toras Chaim had more

trouble getting their offense going in a game two 7-0 loss.


YLE Bachelors (7-7) D.E.C (9-5)


YLE Bachelors found their rhythm in game one behind quarterback Avi

Zern to win game one 12-6. D.E.C bounced back in game two in large

part to their rushing attack and putting lots of pressure on the

quarterback which resulted in a 19-6 victory.




1 – Pizzeria Efrat – Experience plus talent = Ring?

2 – Mercaz Moosen – Finishing strong a top priority.

3 – D.E.C – Will this team have enough time together before playoffs?

4 – Toras Chaim – Need to make a statement this week.

5 – YLE Bachelors – Still have champion players they can lean on.