Pizzeria wins both versus Mercaz; clinches top spot.

Week 11 of The FM Home Loans AFI League was a week of teams

clinching playoff spots and preparing for the much anticipating playoffs.

Most teams know if they’re in the playoffs and their playing for which

seed they are. Teams are looking to head in the playoffs with

momentum. Few teams are still fighting for the last spots. The final

week of the season is coming up as teams begin to prepare for the

journey to the Holy Land Bowl.


Youngblood (10-5-1) Vs Bandits (6-10)


Both teams traded offensive scores most of the game. Youngblood had

an interception in the end zone to seal game one 26-20. The Bandits

came back strong in game two with booming offense to win 27-7.


OA Huskies (4-11-1) Vs Big Blue (1-17)


OA Huskies needed victories to stay in the playoff hunt. They came

from behind in game one to win 14-13 and they won with confidence in

game two 18-7 to be able to now hold a playoff spot in their division.

Service King Spartans (13-3) Vs Jay Feder Jewelers (2-14)

Service King Spartans offense connected on all cylinders in both games

behind quarterback Nussie Felder to win both games 20-0 and 34-0 as

they play with hopes to win their division.


Mercaz Moosen (12-4) Vs Pizzeria Efrat (17-1)


Pizzeria Efrat clinched the number one seed in their division after

quarterback David Abell connected with wide receiver David Tover on a

4 th and goal to win game one 9-7. Both teams struggled to score in

game two until Pizzeria Efrat found the end zone late in the game to

seal a 7-0 game two victory.


Route 38 Warriors (5-11) Vs Chippie’s Chocolate Chips (5-10-1)


Both teams were fighting for a playoff spot in their division. CCC’s

defense came up big for them in game one which resulted in an 8-0

shutout victory. Route 38 Warriors bounced back in game two to stay

in the playoff hunt with a 7-0 win.


Blueshells (3-10-3) Vs YLE Bachelors (11-7)


YLE Bachelors continued to move up the standings with impressive play

on both sides of the ball. The Blueshells have played their way out of

the playoffs for now after two big losses to YLE Bachelors, 26-7 and 30-




1 – Pizzeria Efrat – Best Defensive line ever?

2 – Mercaz Moosen – Must take losses as learning expierences.

3 – YLE Bachelors – Playing their best at the right time.

4 – Toras Chaim – Will need to score more often.

5 – D.E.C. – Big game before the playoffs will say a lot.