Playoffs underway – Top teams advance

The Round of 32 of The FM Home Loans AFI League was a week of teams showing their true colors. Most favored teams completed the task at hand and are moving on to the Round of 16 which will showcase many big matchups. Teams look poised to take the step of the journey as they hope to advance to the 31 st Holy Land Bowl.


(5) Orlo Vs (4) Kol Hanearim

Orlo’s defense was superb, holding the offense of Kol Hanearim scoreless in the first half while Orlo’s offense scored twice. Orlo was able to maintain their lead in the second half to win 22-6.


(2) Bear Jews Vs (7) Joe’s Eagles

The Bear Jews were poised for the upset leading at the half by one touchdown. Joe’s Eagles tied the game at 8-8, but the Bear Jews finished off the upset with a late score to win 14-8.


(1) Pizzeria Efrat Vs (8) KYHS

Pizzeria Efrat took control early of their game with many scores and shutdown defense. KYHS showed heart and courage but fell in a 38-6 loss.


(5) D.E.C. Vs (4) Reb Doyv’s Chassidim

D.E.C. went up by two touchdowns by the half and broke away in the second half to win 42-12 to head for a showdown versus Chippie’s Chocolate Chips in the round of 16.


(3) YLE Bachelors Vs (6) Chofetz Chaim

YLE Bachelors scored on all four of their first possession to cruise into the second half with a major lead. YLE Bachelors finished the game strong as well to win in commanding fashion, 58-2.


(3) Dawghouse Vs (6) Bandits

Dawghouse broke out with a surprising lead to go into halftime looking to upset the Bandits. The Bandits came storming back in the second half with multiple long passes to lead them to a 29-13 victory.