Preseason in Full Swing!

The Preseason of The FM Home Loans AFI League is dwindling down as teams throughout the country are making their last changes to lock in their rosters.  Most top-tier free agents have been lured in to their new teams while many other free agents are fighting for spots on rosters. Super teams have been made, energy of high hopes, dreams of victory, and the goal of all to the raise the Holy Land Bowl Trophy has begun.

We now take a peek at some new teams:

Rebbishe Vikings – new super team being finalized by Motti Kasai, the team captain.  Motti has already signed Solomon Assis as quarterback and Mordi Charnowitz as defensive captain.  If this team can lock in a few top wide receivers, they can be trouble in a stacked top-division.

Mevs Football – The Mevaseret team always finishes high in their division.  The team is bringing a lot of young talent with the veteran leader Shai Rosalimsky.  Quarterback Daniel Aaron will try and lead his offense once again atop their division.

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