Preseason is Heating UP!

The start-gun has sounded and the teams are off to the races.  Many teams have started their preparations for the kickoff of the 31st season of The FM Home Loans AFI League.  Tryouts have started for many teams as many hopeful rookies look to lock in their roster spots on top tier teams.  Players look to show off their talents to their hopeful new team captains. Many veteran top tier free agents are still available for the taking in what looks to be the most competitive year of football in the history of the FM Home Loans AFI League.

Here is a breakdown of a few teams that have changed:

Psychobunny’s – After two years being a top five team with high hopes but early playoff exits, the Psychobunny’s will not be returning to the league this year.

Mercaz – This team is looking to rebound after a tough loss in the final eight to DEC.  My sources tell me they’re in mid-discussions to sign a few top wide receivers. Look for the Mercaz squad to be a top five team this year behind team leader Moshe Fientuch.

Chaikel Travel – the back to back champs may not be coming back as a full squad.  Talks have been circulating that many players will be going to different teams. This would leave the league wide open as who is the favorite going into the season.

DEC- making the final four last year was a success for this team as it grows every year, but make no mistake about it, this team wants to win it all this year.  DEC has added Avrami Farkas, an all-star quarterback to an already heavy star talented team.

The chips are falling into place for many teams and players as the fire is heating up to the much anticipated kickoff of the 31st FM Home Loans AFI League Season.