Season ends with a bang; Playoff fever takes over.

Week 12 of The FM Home Loans AFI League was a week of teams wrapping of their long season. Teams were poised to head into the playoffs on a winning note. Few teams needed wins or help from other teams to lock in their playoff spots. The much-anticipated playoffs kickoff next week, where the journey starts to the 31 st Holy Land Bowl.


Bandits (8-10) Vs Chippie’s Chocolate Chips (5-12-1)

The Bandits offense excelled in game one, scoring on multiple results which resulted in a 26-7 victory. CCC battled hard in game two with a drive to take the lead with under a minute, but the Bandits stormed back for a game winning touchdown in a 13-12 win.


Blueshells (3-12-3) Vs BDMG (8-8-2)

BDMG continued their impressive winning streak with putting together solid offensive drives and playing stellar defense which in resulted in two victories, 18-0 and 13-7.


Youngblood (11-6-1) Vs Soulja Boi (12-6)

Youngblood came out in game one with striking offense and solid defense which resulted in a 20-6 game one victory. Soulja Boi bounced back in game two behind stellar emotional play on both sides of the ball in a game two 26-0 victory.


OA Huskies (4-13-1) Vs Rebbishe Vikings (8-8-2)

Rebbishe Vikings played hard tough football in both games, playing with a strong desire to head into the playoffs on a winning streak. The Rebbishe Vikings looked very poised in their two victories, 14-8 and 26-7.


Route 38 Warriors (5-13) Vs Soulja Boi (12-6)

Route 38 Warriors were seeking a victory to lock in a playoff spot. Soulja Boi prevented that with a combination of lockdown defense and timely offensive scoring in two victories, 6-0 and 13-12.


DEC (10-8) Vs Mercaz Moosen (13-5)

DEC’s defense play shutdown defense all game and had a scoring safety as well in a game one 9-0 shutout. Mercaz Moosen battled back in game two with a late score from quarterback Dovie Dreyfuss to wide receiver Shragie Peretz to win game two 12-6.


The Mobsters (16-2) Vs Jay Feder Jewelers (2-16)

The Mobsters continued their winning ways, clinching the top spot in their division through tough play and veteran leadership which resulted in two victories, 14-0 and 19-14.


Orlo (9-9) Vs Service King Spartans (15-3)

Service King Spartans are going into the playoffs with high confidence after winning two games versus a tough Orlo team, 21-0 and 7-6.



1 – Pizzeria Efrat – Champion favorites.

2 – Mercaz Moosen – Much Needed Rudman returning for the


3 – YLE Bachelors – Roster intact at the right time.

4 – D.E.C. – Defense needs to lead offense.

5 – Toras Chaim – Offense needs to click.