The Season Starts: Top 5 Preseason

The 31st season of The FM Home Loans AFI League is about to begin at the new Kraft stadium in the Holy City Of Jerusalem this week.  The league looks to include many new teams with tons of new rookies looking to make an impact on the league this year. Top teams are returning from last year with a mindset to become more improved in their play.   Veterans from previous years will look to use their experience to their advantage as they go up against quicker and younger players. The teams are in, the excitement is buzzing all around town, the hopes are high, and the journey for the Holy Land Bowl Trophy begins this week.

 The Top 5 Preseason Teams

  1. D.E.C. – This team is fully stacked at all sides of the ball.  The main core of last year, Moshe Shear, Yerucham Pliner, and Gidon Hazony are returning with star additions of Avrami Farkas, Dani Eastman, Noam Orman, and Avi Schamroth.
  2. Pizzeria Efrat – After falling short at the championship game last year, this team has added stars Tzvi Sklar, Arieh Sklar, David Abell, and has Bibi Goodman coming back from a year off due to injuries.
  3. Mercaz Moosen – Most players are coming back for this hungry team.  Moshe Feintuch looks to make this team a top defensive squad.
  4. YLE Bachelors – This new team which consist of many veterans and championship players Avi Zern, Yossi Sherr, Chaim Harris, and Moshe Kahn.
  5. Toras Chaim – This team will look to improve from last year’s quick exit in the playoffs with quarterback Shuey Dachs leading the way with veterans Ari Rokach, Ari Miller, and Yehuda Malek.