The Season has Begun!

The 33rd season of the FM Home Loans Men's Flag Football League kicks off with a bang as top teams clash in a thrilling opening night.

Toras Chaim went toe to toe against an All-Star Rebbishe Vikings team, and delivered thanks to some crucial and outstanding catches by WR Gav Goldberg.

Boca Chokas took care of Cares Chargers to start off their season in the win column.

YOM looked quick and explosive for a young new team, as they edged out the Route 38 Warriors.

Psychobunnies and Team Omni went back and forth in a great game, but ultimately neither team could pull ahead as the game ended in a tie.


This season is looking to be one of the best, as teams are back, fans are back, masks are gone, and the league is back to it's full capacity once again.