WAFI 2020/21 Pre-Season


WAFI 2020/1 Pre-Season Game (Dec. 21st)

The First game of the night belonged to the Zebras who beat the Modiin Flames.

Zebras star player of the night Eta Cohnen was unstoppable with amazing catches made one after another marching her team down the field.

While the Modiin Flames were showing some gorgeous plays, they didn’t seem to hold on to the ball. On the other side of the ball, Lyla Tesler scored a beautiful touchdown, following one more by Eta in the first half and another in the second half.

The Zebras Defense didn’t fall short either with Eta and Dalia Tesler both intercepting and turning the ball back to the Zebra’s Offense. 

In the last few seconds of the game, Eta stepped up for her team again, hawking the ball thrown by the Modiin flames QB she snatched the ball in the air and ran it down the field for a pick-6 ending the game 26-0.


The second game of the night was played by Big Blue VS. The Judean Rebels.

Both teams were fighting hard to keep their Defense tight. No one could miss Big Blue’s sisters Sharona and Margalit Abell’s great flag pulls. No player was able to get past their dives and aggressiveness.

First half of the game ended 0-0, forcing both teams to change their offensive tactics and bring up their level for the second half.

While Big Blue’s QB was missing from the game, Elisheva Baumol did a great job filling in and giving the Rebels a run for their money and encouraging her Defense to stay strong. But that wasn’t enough and on a critical third down, Rebels QB Bayla Greenblum was put under pressure by the amazing rusher Aliza Zalcman. She still managed to release the ball to Tiferet Atkin running a fly, and with two defensive players on her she caught the ball for a first down.

On the following play the ball was snapped to Bayla who lateraled it to Rivka who then threw it to Ilana for a flawless catch and an extra 10 yard run up the field. 

The Rebels were not now far from the TD zone and Rivka Wineberg scored the team’s first TD. Two more interceptions by Rivka followed on Big Blue’s next two drives, and another TD giving Big Blue no last chance to catch up in this game.

Another beautiful TD and an extra point was made by Tiferet Atkin giving The Judean Rebels the win 19-0.