SEMI FINALS / Feb. 17th  


Kosher Casual v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 45 – 12 ]

The Finals are only 1 week away, and tensions have never been higher! Rashbag Rhinos brought not only a bucketload of energy, but a bus full of cheerleaders, roaring for their team! Players Naomi Butler and Adira Orbach felt the love, and streaked their way into the endzone for TDs. Meanwhile, Kosher Casual kept their game faces on, with the full intention of holding onto their first-place title. The Kosher girls’ defense was blowing up, with interceptions by Penny Rabin (x2), Michal Alge (x2) and Merav Barach. Penny had an awesome pick-6, as well as catching another TD. QB Cindy Scaar threw explosive TDs to Michal Alge (x3) and Merav Barach, while Michal and Esther Feldhamer caught the EPs.

MVPs: Penny Rabin (Kosher Casual) & Adira Orbach (Rashbag Rhinos).


Judean Rebels v. Big Blue

[ 40 – 26 ]

These 2 teams came out to battle, both hungry for the upcoming championship game! Judean Rebels’ Rushers Daniella Azar and Ilana Weinberg did a great job keeping Big Blue’s QB Roni Kahn on her Toes. Roni had a great game, with bullet TD throws to Daniella Friedman, Eli Baumol (x2) and Yehudit Brickner. EPs caught by Daniella Brown and Eli Baumol. On defense, Big Blue’s rusher Yehudit Brickner had some awesome blocks, while Atara Klein and Elisheva Marcus did an incredible job pulling flags. Eli Baumol and Ora Gold both caught interceptions. Judean Rebels’ QB Bayla Greenblum did amazing and threw 5 TDs caught by Rivka Weinberg, and 1 by Shelby Binstock. EPs caught by Rivka Weinberg. Awesome flag pulling by Shalavit Rausman and Shaina Blumberger, and Interceptions by Shelby and Raquella Raiz.

MVPs: Raquella Raiz (Judean Rebels) & Atara Klein (Big Blue).


Let’s Get Ready to Fumble v. Wildkatz

[ 40 – 0 ]

In this years’ Toilet Bowl spectacular, our always cheerful Wildkatz teamed up against Let’s Get Ready to Fumble! LGRTF came to win, with TDs caught by Eden Glick (x2), Zoey Block (x2) and Esthey Cohen. EPs by Gabriella Drellich, Zoey Block, Eden Glick and Moriah Sherby. Incredible interceptions caught by Eden Glick (pick-6), Zoey Block and Gabs Drellich.

MVPs: Zoey Block (LGRTF) & Mira Postelnek (Wildkatz).