WAFI Week 1

Week one in WAFI has officially started!

Week 1 (11.10)


Eagles vs Modiin Flames

The first points of the game were scored by the Eagles when Tehila Goldscheider scored the first touchdown. In the second quarter, Tehila scored another touchdown, and M.E Binenfeld scored an extra point. Team captain Meira Dobkin intercepted a Modiin Flames play, and Esther Guedalia scored one more touchdown ending the game in an insane score of 19-0! Eagles MVP was Tehila Goldscheider and Modiin Flames MVP was Talya Kishinnef!


Otzma Efrat vs Pizzeria Efrat

Starting the game off strong, Eta Cohnen from Pizzeria Efrat scored a touchdown, and Neely Saker scored an extra point. The Otzma Efrat defence, despite being new, were able to communicate properly and the Pizzeria rusher was almost sacked. The Oztma Efrat offence executed elaborate plays, this however wouldn’t stop Eliana Groaner from Pizzeria Efrat intercepting and scoring a pick six touchdown. Eta Cohnen then scored another touchdown, finishing the game with a 19-0 score for Pizzeria Efrat!

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Sima Solomon and Otzma Efrat MVP was Zahava Weinberg!


Big Blue vs Cindy’s Team

Cindy’s Team, a returning players team put up a good fight against Big Blue. Monica Neustadter from Big Blue scored a touchdown at the last second of the play, almost passing the field line, but catching the ball just in time. Avi Goldrich then scored a pick 6, intercepting Cindy’s Team’s play. Big Blue came out on top with an extra point from Racheli Abell and another touchdown from Aliza Zalcman, ending the game with 20-0!

Big Blue’s MVP was Avi Goldrich and Cindy’s Team’s MVP was Cindy Scarr!