WAFI – Week 1


Week 1 / Mar. 8th

Great vibes filled the field with the players returning (again) for our 2021 season. After running our pre-season games in December, we couldn’t wait to get back to the field!

Zebras v. Modiin Flame

Tali Schwartz from Modiin Flames was the first player to score this season, following her was Eta Cohnen from the Zebras bringing the score at the end of the first half to a tie of 6-6.

During the second half, the score wouldn’t change as both teams' defenses kept holding tight.

Interceptions were being caught from both sides preventing each other from scoring. The first interception of the season once again belongs to Tali Schwartz, with Eta Cohnen taking the ball right back on an interception for the Zebras.

It was Chani Goldberg from the Modiin Flames who stood out just a little more on defense, blocking the ball over and over again, keeping the Zebras from scoring during the entire second half.

Zahava Lipman contributed to her team by sacking the QB twice forcing the Zebras to turn over the ball before they got a chance to advance.

Finally the perfect pass thrown by Meirav Green into the endzone, was caught once again by Tali Schwartz ending the game 12-6 in favor of the Modiin Flames


Big Blue v. Eagles

This game belonged to Big Blue who managed to keep the Eagles from scoring during the entire first half of the game. Big Blue brought up the score with three touchdowns scored by Eli Baumol, Daniella Friedman and Noa Goldrich. The team had two successful one point tries scored by Friedman and Dana Hauser, Ending the half 20-0.

It was during the second half, when it seemed like the Eagles were throwing a comeback starting the half with a TD and a solid extra point to follow by Nitzana Strous. The Eagles defense was starting to come together too until Big Blue decided they have other plans for the turn out of this game.

Monica Neustadter from Big Blue intercepts the ball and shortly after Eli scores not one but two touchdowns. Extra points were scored by Aliza Zalcman and Eli Baumol ending the game 34-7