WAFI week 2

Week 2 (18.10)

Sem Team vs Pizzeria Efrat

This week we welcomed a brand new team- Sem Team! Despite being a newly formed team, these girls have a lot of experience. The new team played a good game against Pizzeria Efrat. Sem team quarterback Annabel scored a touchdown when she caught the ball 5 yards from the end zone and ran it in. Nili Kessler and Eta Cohnen and Adiella Cohnen from Pizzeria Efrat all scored a pick-six and the team had a total of 5 interceptions! Sem Team played an awesome first game ending in 44-12 Pizzeria Efrat!

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Nili Kessler and Sem Team MVP was Annabel Avital.


Otzma Efrat vs Eagles

Tehila Lowenstien from Otzma Efrat scored 2 touchdowns, and when Otzma Efrat went for an extra point, Meira Dobkin, captain of the Eagles, intercepted the pass. Lielle Grunstein, also from the eagles, had 2 more interceptions. Raquella Raiz from Otzma Efrat scored another touchdown, and Esther Feldhamer scored an extra point, ending the game in 31-0 to Otzma Efrat.

Otzma Efrat MVP was Raquella Raiz and Eagles MVP was M.E Binenfeld 


Big Blue vs Modiin Flames

Starting the game off strong, Talya Kishineff from Modiin Flames intercepted a pass right by Big Blue’s end zone and scored a pick six, running almost the entire field back. Avi Goldrich from Big Blue scored two pick-sixes and a safety, and Daniella Friedman scored a total of 4 touchdowns through-out the game. Elisheva Leff from Modiin Flames sacked Big Blue’s quarterback Roni Kahn multiple times, and the game ended in 49-6 to Big Blue!

Big Blue’s MVP was Daniella Friedman and Modiin Flames MVP was Talya Kishineff!