WAFI – Week 2


Week 2/ March 15th

Judean Rebels v. Eagles

The game started off great for the Judean Rebels with a perfect defense preventing the Eagles offense to score during the entire first half. In the meantime the Rebels offense started running up the score with two touchdowns scored by Tiferet Atkin and Rivka Weinberg ending the first half of the game 12-0.

The second half seemed to start as a perfect comeback for the Eagles. Miriam Emuna Bienenfeld made a crazy interception bringing the Eagles back into the game. On the next play Nitzana Strous caught the ball for the touchdown putting on the bored 6  easy points. Sooner than we expected, the Eagles were back on offense and Esther Guedalia catches the ball and manages to run down the entire field scoring another TD for the Eagles, tying  the score of the game 12-12.

The game was close and the defense was dominant for both teams, not allowing the opposition to advance. Finally, on a fourth down, The Rebels QB Bayla Greenblum sends Tiferet and Rivka on two flies down the side lines. The defense’s safety picks up Rivka leaving Tiferet wide open, Greenblum throws a perfect pass straight to Tiferet's hands, she catches it for 6 yards after 1st down!

The Rebels are back into the game and on a roll, one quick pass to Rivka and she makes sure to cross into the endzone for another beautiful TD.

Tehilla Lowenstein who came back after a long two season break, decided to show off her Mama powers and adds another extra point to Rivka’s TD. On the next drive she scores another TD and of course is trusted to score the two extra point attempt. Play is a success, and the Rebels win 26-12.

Tigers v. Zebras

Meet the brand-new team joining the WAFI league- The Tigers!

While the game started off a little tough for them, observing five touchdowns and three extra points during the first half, the girls gathered themselves up at half time. These girls are just learning the game and after only one half, they managed to put together their defense, not allowing one single score for the other team.  They even scored seven points themselves during the second half. Wow! If they can adjust that quickly after their first 20 minutes of ever playing in a league, we can’t wait to see what they will bring to the rest of the season!

On the Zebra’s side, Eta Cohnen gave us quite a show! Intercepting and running the ball down the entire field, 50 yards for a pick six and scoring the extra point!

Touchdowns were also scored by Mollie Eisen, Sima Solomon, Adiella Cohnen and Neely Saker. Two more extra points were scored by Mollie and Sima as well, Resulting in a big win for the Zebras 33-7. (#Madagascar5? #Escape2Kraft?)

Big Blue v. Modiin Flames

After both teams won their games last week, neither of them were going to give up another win hoping to make sure they continue the season with a perfect record.

Just minutes into the game Margalit Abell, one of the strongest defenders in our league, intercepts the ball for Big Blue, giving Eli Baumol on the next down the option to score the first Touchdown of the game. The extra point attempt is good, caught by Daniella Friedman and bringing the score up to 7-0 for Big Blue.

Friedman continues to contribute to her team and stops the Modiin Flames offense with another interception for Big Blue. Big Blue marches down the field and right before half time, Michal Alge makes a 20 yard catch and crosses into the end zone. Alge also catches the extra point attempt and brings the score up to 14-0 at the end of the half for Big Blue.

The Modiin Flames made quite a change in the second half, reading and breaking down Big Blues strategy beautifully. Flames played a tight Defense and their QB Meirav Green was able to make some fantastic throws, Having Talya Kishineff, Kayla Grodner, Shulamit Iram and Miriam Wolf gaining lots of yards for the team. The touchdown was in their hands closer than ever, having Iram wide open in the end zone, Green releases the pass,  All of a sudden Jordana Houser comes out of nowhere and blocks that Touchdown by slaming the ball into the ground.

The Flames aren’t ready to give up and are definitely not happy to be back on Defense with no points on the board. Grodner on defense snatches the ball, catches an interception and gains another 10 yards.

With the Modiin Flames back in the game, Big Blue step it up and don’t let the Flames advance, ending their series of downs with a sack by Yakira Marcus.

Flames are back on Defense with still no points gained. It’s Talya Kishineff who snatches another interception for her team giving them their last chance to score, but in an unfortunate moment, one of the teammates is confused and pulls Kishineff’s flag ending the play and the game 14-0 for Big Blue.