WAFI week 3 (25.10)

Eagles vs Pizzeria Efrat

Sima Solomon from Pizzeria Efrat tossed the ball to Nili Kessler, who ran a few yards and scored a touchdown. Eagles’ Tehila Goldscheider scored a touchdown for her team, and playing defense, Eagles intercepted a throw and gained a few yards. Eta and Adiella Cohnen scored 2 touchdowns for Pizzeria Efrat, and later Eta, Nili and team captain Mollie Eisen each scored a pick six. Eliana Groaner from Pizzeria scored an extra point, and after 2 more, the game ended with 41-6 to Pizzeria Efrat!

Eagles MVP was Meira Dobkin and Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Nili Kessler


Big Blue vs Sem Team

This week, Sem Team welcomed four new players to their team while Big Blue welcomed back 3 returning players. Big Blue played an insane game with touchdown’s and pick sixes left and right. Big Blue captain Eli Baumol scored 2 pick sixes and got two extra points, and Aliza Zalcman also scored two pick sixes, one of them a beautiful interception at Sem Team's end zone and a graceful run across the entire field. Big Blue’s newest member and first time player Ilana Kazin scored two extra points with an insane dive for the ball. Bassi Ruskin from Sem Team scored the touchdown, but Big Blue came back strongly, scoring touchdown after another. Big Blue quarterback Roni Kahn scored two extra points ending the game in a whopping score of 67-6 to Big Blue.

Sem Team MVP was Oriyah Goodman and Big Blue MVP was Eli Baumol


Otzma Efrat vs Judean Rebels

Raquella Raiz from Otzma scored 2 beautiful touchdowns and Shyra Gross intercepted a pass, hitting the ball to the ground. Nechama Brickner, coordinated with the Rebel’s quarterback and captain Cindy Scarr, performed a successful “fake hand-off”, caught the real pass from Cindy and ran the entire field over scoring a touchdown for the team. Ora Gold from the Rebels had 2 interceptions and scored an extra point, but Otzma came back stronger, placing Tiferet Atkin as their quarterback for the second half. When Otzma was in defense, Tehila Lowenstien blocked 5 passes, Bayla Greenblum pulled a bunch of flags from offence and Shelby Bienstock, being six weeks after giving birth, got two extra points and a touchdown ending the game in 40-7 to Otzma Efrat!

Otzma Efrat MVP was Raquella Raiz and Judean Rebels MVP was Mayan Caplan