WAFI – Week 3


Week 3/ Mar. 22nd

Zebras v. Modiin Flames [6-24]
The first half of the game ended 6-0 for the Modiin Flames as Kayla caught the first touchdown of the night right in the middle of the endzone.
The Zebra’s captain, Temima Klein started the second half by intercepting the ball on the Flames second down of the half. On the next down Klein caught the ball again, thrown by Rena Rabhan and ran it to score a TD. The score remained 6-6 for quite a while until the Flames started to make some nice consecutive catches, caught by Shulamit and Talya advancing their team down the field. Eventually Meirav Green from the Modiin Flames managed to run in two handoffs for two touchdowns.
Talya Kishineff finished off the game with a beautiful pick-6 , ending the game 24-6 for the Modiin Flames.


Rebels v. Big Blue [39-19]
The Rebels gave it their all, scoring 4 touchdowns, an extra point and three interceptions by Rivka Weinberg, Tehila Lowenstein and Tifferet Atkin during the first half of the game.
The second half of the game was getting harder for the Rebels to score, so Zahava Weinberg and Naama Rausman stepped up their game and ran some great handoffs, advancing their team dozens of yards ahead making it easy for Tifferet to score two more touchdowns. The Extra point attempt were good too, scored by Shalavit Rausman and Tehila Lowenstein.
Scoring for Big Blue was Eli Baumol with a touchdown and an extra point, and Daniella Friedman with two touchdowns.
Final score of the game was 39-19 for the Rebels.