WAFI week 4 (1.11)

Week 4 (1.11.21)

Pizzeria Efrat vs Sem Team

Pizzeria Efrat geared up for an awesome game and Sem Team, despite being without their captain, stepped up to the plate and played hard. Neely Saker got a pick-six and Mollie Eisen scored an extra 2 points. Sem Team played great defence and put up a fight. When Adiella Cohnen caught the pass and started running down the field with a Sem Team on her tail, she didn’t stop till she scored the touchdown, and even got her shirt ripped in the process. With many more touchdowns, interceptions and extra points, Pizzeria Efrat dominated with a final score of 78-0. 

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Neely Saker and Sem Team MVP was Oriyah Goodman. 


Paige’s Lakers vs Eagles

This game was unfortunately a forfeit from the Eagles.


Modiin Flames vs Big Blue

Big Blue quarterback Roni Kahn threw many long passes, one of which was caught by Big Blue captain Eli Baumol giving the team a touchdown. Modiin Flames quarterback executed elaborate plays, but Aliza Zalcman and Avi Goldrich from Big Blue sacked the quarterback a bunch of times. With more touchdowns from Daniella Friedman and Racheli Abel, Big Blue took the game with a whopping score of 45-0. 

Even after such a game, the two teams enjoyed a cool down “dance off” together.

Big Blue MVP was Racheli Abel and Modiin Flames MVP was Elisheva Abraham.