WAFI week 5 (8.11.21)

Jerry’s Giants vs Eagles

WAFI’s underdogs Jerry’s Giants welcomed new player Tova Hornstein who played as quarterback. With Tova as quarterback and team captain Hadassah as wide receiver, Jerry’s Giants scored two insane touchdowns. Amalia Litwin from Jerry’s Giants and Hadassah each scored an extra point. The Eagles fought back strongly, with Esther Guedalia intercepting a pass and scoring a pick six. The game was close and the score was tight, but Jerry’s Giants came out on top, scoring 20-6.

Jerry’s Giants MVP was Hadassah Moryosef and the Eagles MVP was Esther Guedalia. 


Paige’s Lakers vs Modiin Flames

Paige’s Lakers, playing Modiin Flames for the first time, started the game off strong with a touchdown from team captain Cindy scarr, catching a pass from Esti Mandel. Maayan Caplan scored the extra point. With Modiin Flames on offense the pass from Modiin Flames quarterback was intercepted by Atara Klein, giving Paige’s Lakers a touchdown. Modiin’s second shot was an intense play with Talya Kishineff scoring a touchdown from the half line, Talya then scored the extra point. Modiin Flames fought hard, but Paige’s Lakers took the game with a score of 14-7.

Paige’s Lakers MVP was Cindy Scarr and Modiin Flames MVP was Talya Kishineff


Big Blue vs מועדון הפוטבול אפרת

Big Blue started the first half with an insane interception by Monica Neustater, a touchdown by Daniella Friendman and an extra point from Eli Baumol. מועדון הפוטבול אפרת pushed back with a pick six by Raquella Raiz and a touchdown by Ester Feldhammer. With Big Blue on offence, the ball was thrown and knocked down by Zahava Weinberg, straight into the hands of a big blue player. In the heat of the moment, the ball was thrown to Raquella, who gained a few yards before getting her flag pulled. In the final seconds of the game, with Big Blue leading by one point, and מועדון הפוטבול אפרת with one last chance to win the game, Big Blue defence fought hard and made sure to stay on top, ending the game with a tight score of 13-12 to Big Blue.

Big Blue MVP was Aliza Zalcman and מועדון הפוטבול אפרת MVP was Adi Shulman