WAFI week 6 (15.11.21)

Week 6 (15.11.21)

Modiin Flames vs Pizzeria Efrat

Kicking off the game with Modiin Flames on offense, the ball was intercepted quickly by Eta Cohnen who ran with the ball and scored a touchdown. The next play, Talya Kishineff from Modiin Flames intercepted a pass 20 yards from the end zone and gained a few yards before her flag got pulled. Pizzeria Efrat quarterback was sacked twice by Elisheva Leff and Zahava Lipman. Neely Saker from Pizzeria Efrat also scored an awesome touchdown, ending the game with 12-0 to Pizzeria Efrat.

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Sima Solomon and Modiin Flames MVP was Elisheva Leff.


Jerry’s Giants vs מועדון פוטבול אפרת

Jerry’s Giants played a tough game against מועדון פוטבול אפרת, who brought their all. Tiferet Atkin from מועדון פוטבול אפרת played quarterback for one half of the game, throwing insane passes to Bayla Greenblum who scored a touchdown, and Shelby Bienstock who scored three touchdowns. With Jerry’s Giants on offense, quarterback Tova Hornstein made a lot of great passes and gained a bunch of yards, but were intercepted by Raquella Raiz and Esther Feldhemmer, who scored a pick six. Bayla Greenblum played as quarterback for the second half and threw the ball to Tifferet Atkin who scored a touchdown. After an intense game, מועדון פוטבול אפרת ended the game with 51-0 against Jerry’s Giants.

Jerry’s Giants MVP was Tova Hornstein and מועדון פוטבול אפרת MVP was Shelby Bienstock.


Paige’s Lakers vs Eagles

The Eagles started the game with a bunch of awesome passes, a few intercepted by Paige’s Laker’s Nechama Brickner. With Paige’s Lakers missing their resident quarterback, the team pushed through and executed insane plays, with Batsheva Samuels diving for a touchdown and Atara Klein scoring the extra point. In the second half, Nechama Brickner and Maayan Caplan both scored touchdowns. The Eagles pushed with tough offense, but Paige’s Lakers fought harder, with amazing flag pulls by Robin Kravetz and the team. Eagles rusher Tzipora Peritzman played well, helping her team gain as many yards as possible. Through this intense game, the eagles made sure to keep the mood and spirits high, ending the game with 19-0 to Paige’s Lakers.

Eagles MVP was Tzipora Peritzman and Paige’s Lakers MVP was Nechama Brickner.