WAFI – Week 6


Week 6/ Apr. 19th

Modiin Flames v. Zebras [12 – 0]

This game was close with just one score in each half, thanks to the tight defense from both

teams. What a Defense to watch and learn from!

Meirav Green from the Modiin Flames made the first interception of the game.

Shortly after that, the ball was thrown to Miriam, bouncing off her shoulder, Talya Kishineff luckily backed up Miriam and caught the ball in the end zone for the first lead of the night 6 – 0.

Super mom – Shulamit Iram, being 5 months pregnant played mostly quarter back this game but also made a nice catch and managed to run ball ¾ down the field.

Kishineff made another interception for the team, and Kayla had a terrific catch, catching the ball with a dive to the ground, but unfortunately the yardage was not enough for another score.

In the second half of the game Kishineff caught another interception! With the Flames back on Offense, Shulamit released a perfect throw to Green, who caught the ball and ran it all the way into the touchdown zone – ending the game 12 – 0 for the Modiin Flames.


Tigers v. Judean Rebels [12 – 26]

Mother and Daughter Nechama and Rivka Weinberg made sure the Rebels started strong with a perfect game. During the first half, Rivka scored two touchdowns and Nechama an extra point.

Shalavit from the Rebels started the second half with a touchdown and later on caught an interception as well. The Rebels kept playing strong not allowing the Tigers to score until the very last minutes of the game where the Tigers managed to step up their game and score two touchdowns in a row, bringing the score to a close game of 19-12 for the Rebels. With only 10 seconds left, with the ball on the Rebels side, the Tigers were eager for an interception, really putting themselves all out there trying to take control of the ball. Although the Tigers really showed a great effort, the Rebels released a long pass to Rivka Weinberg who caught the ball and ran it down the field for another touchdown, Rivka also scored the extra point ending the game 26-12 for the Judean Rebels.


Big Blue v. Eagles [53 – 0]

The Eagles star player, Nitzana Strous was unable to show up to this game, forcing the other players on the team to step up and it was really great to see the wonderful catches made by Tehilla Goldschnider , and the strong defense by Lielle, as well as the beautiful rush and sacks by Tzipora Peritzman.

Sometimes the score doesn’t really tell the full layout of the game, but yes Big Blue definitely had quite a shut-out game last night.

Roni Kahn was very impressing playing QB. She had great accurate passes and threw 6 touchdown passes to Dana Hauser, Daniella Friedman, Noa Goldrich, Aliza Zalcman and Yakira Marcus(2).

Hauser and Friedman each had a pick-6, on top of two more interceptions for the team caught by Cheili Abell and Zalcman.

Extra points were caught by the sisters Margalit Abell (2) and Cheili Abell (3).

Game ended with a big win 53-0 for Big Blue over the Eagles.