WAFI – Week 6


WEEK 6 / Dec. 30th


Mishaan v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 12 – 0 ] / [ 18 – 0 ]

While the temperatures sunk lower in the Jerusalem valleys, the competition heated up on the Kraft field! Teams LGRTF and Mishaans’ energy level was at full swing as ball possession kept changing and defense held strong, with 2 interceptions by Mishaans’ Sima Solomon and 1 by Mollie Eisen. Eventually Mishaan won with 2 TDs caught by Daniela Lauderdale and Eta Cohnen.

In game 2, Mishaan came in strong with defensive interceptions by Sima Solomon and Adiella Cohnen, and fantastic offensive drives which led to a 3 TD win- scored by Adiella, Lyla Tesler and Dalia Tesler.

MVPs: Lyla Tesler (Mishaan) & Moriah Sherby (LGRTF).


Big Blue v. Judean Rebels

[ 14 – 6 ] / [ 0 – 13 ]

Tensions were running high as some of this seasons’ top-scoring teams faced off to claim glory. With beautiful long throws by QB Roni Kahn, Big Blues’ Daniella Friedman ran across the entire field and was stopped just Shy of the end zone. Daniella Brown caught the TD, and Eli Baumol secured the EP. Judean Rebels were quick to score a TD next, caught by Shelby Binstock off an awesome pass by QB Bayla Greenblum. On defense, The Rebels’ Shaina Blumberger caught an interception, while Big Blues’ Meira Jacobowitz, Atara Klein, and Elisheva Marcus did a great job pulling flags, and Yehudit Brickner got a sack. With another TD caught by Daniella Friedman and an EP by Ora Gold, Big Blue won the first game with a 14-6 win.

Game 2 was quite a game-changer. Big Blue defense did a great job blocking plays and Yehudit Brickner got 2 more sacks. Unfortunately for Big Blue, Judean Rebels kicked into high gear and pulled out all the stops- with 2 beautiful interceptions by Shelby Binstock, 2 TDs by Rivka Weinberg and Tiferet Atkin, and an EP by Shalavit Rausman, which brought the game to a close with a 13-0 win for the Rebels.

MVPs: Daniella Friedman (Big Blue) & Bayla Greenblum (Judean Rebels)


Just Not Fare v. Wildkatz

[ 6 – 0 ] / [ 26 – 0 ]

The final game of the night had Just Not Fare up against Wildkatz. The MMY girls put up a fight and held their ground for the better part of the game, but finally Just Not Fares’ Deena Hornstein succeeded to run a ball into the end-zone for a TD, resulting in a 6-0 win for Just Not Fare.

In game 2, Just Not Fares’ defense must’ve had a last day of Hanukkah miracle, as Margalit Abell, Avi Goldrich and Monica Neustadter all caught multiple interceptions. Monica and Avi converted theirs into pick-6s, while Racheli Abell threw awesome TD passes to Margalit Abell and Deena Hornstein. Margalit and Daniella Kaplansky secured Eps, and the final score was a 26-0 win for Just Not Fare.

MVPs: Monica Neustadter (Just Not Fare) & Shayna Vadnai (Wildkatz)