WAFI week 7 (22.11.21)

Modiin Flames vs Eagles

Starting the game off with the first touchdown by Zahava Lipman at the 15 yard line!

Still in the first quarter, with Eagles on offense, Talia Schwartz jumped in front of a pass and intercepted, gaining 10 yards before Tzipora Peritzman from Eagles pulled her flag. In the second half, Zahava Lipman intercepted another pass, and ran it down the field, dodging the Eagles players, Zazi ran across the field and scored a touchdown! Eagles quarterback and captain Meira Dobkin threw the ball to Tzipora who turned around quickly and caught it, gaining 15 yards! Just as the game was coming to a close, Modiin Flames didn’t let Eagles advance to a touchdown when Elisheva Leff sacked the quarterback, ending the game in 18-0 to Modiin Flames.

Modiin Flames MVP was Talia Schwartz and Eagles MVP was Tzipora Peritzman


Pizzeria Efrat vs מועדון פוטבול אפרת

In the first quarter, with Pizzeria Efrat on offense, quarterback Adiella Cohnen did a hand off with Neely Saker who advanced ten yards before getting her flag pulled by Ester Feldhemmer. The next play, Adiella threw the ball 40 yards down the field to Sima Solomon, who dived toward the sideline, but caught the ball just before it was out! With מועדון פוטבול אפרת on offence, Shelby Bienstock ran across the field When Mollie Eisen was about to pull her flag, Shelby maneuvered around her and got a touchdown! In the second half of the game, Bayla Greenblum threw the ball and Tehila Lowenstien, while running, turned and caught it quickly, advancing 20 yards. With a super tight game, Pizzeria Efrat scored a touchdown, and then an extra point when Eta Cohnen caught the ball, ending the game with 13-12 to Pizzeria Efrat!

Pizzeria Efrat MVP was Sima Solomon and מועדון פוטבול אפרת MVP was Shelby Bienstock.


Jerry’s Giants vs מועדון פוטבול אפרת

After just finishing a close game, מועדון פוטבול אפרת jumped into another game against the league “underdogs” Jerry’s Giants, for the second week in a row. Starting the game off with a touchdown by Tifferet Atkin and an amazing extra point by Adi Shulman. With Jerry’s Giants now on offense, Reut Ravivi from מועדון פוטבול אפרת intercepted a pass, but in the next play, quarterback Tova Hornstein threw the ball to Hadassah Moryosef who ran the ball and scored a touchdown for the team! In the second half, Jerry’s Giants played rough defence, preventing מועדון פוטבול אפרת from advancing. Hadassah scored another touchdown, but in the end, מועדון פוטבול אפרת scored 4 more touchdowns and 3 extra points ending the game in 12-27 to מועדון פוטבול אפרת.

Jerry’s Giants MVP was Tova Hornstein and מועדון פוטבול אפרת MVP was Bayla Greenblum. 


Paige’s Lakers vs Big Blue

Big Blue surprised us this week with matching blue lion socks, getting into the game spirit quickly. Maayan Caplan from Paige’s Lakers sacked the quarterback 4 times! But Roni Kahn came back strong, throwing an awesome 25 yard pass to Daniella Friedman, who caught it and ran it into the end-zone, giving Big Blue the first touchdown. As Paige’s Lakers played offence, Margi Abell intercepted a pass, but in the end, Maayan Caplan scored a touchdown for the team. Daniella Friedman from Big Blue scored another two touchdowns and Eli Baumol scored another as well, ending the game at 25-6 to Big Blue.

Paige’s Lakers MVP was Maayan Caplan and Big Blue MVP was Daniella Friedman.