WAFI – Week 7


WEEK 7 / Jan. 6th


Mishaan v. Just Not Fare

[ 0 – 26 ] / [ 6 – 40 ]

Just Not Fare kicked off the night with an explosive game. Though their offense was on point as usual, their defense was shining bright, with 3 pick-6s by Deena Hornstein (X2) and Avi Goldrich. Racheli Abell QBd and threw great passes all night, while Aliza Zalcman caught a TD pass, as well as an EP. Monica caught the second EP, and game 1 ended in a 26-0 win for Just Not Fare.

Mishaan held their ground in game 2 and Sima Solomon saved the night with a beautiful TD for her team. But yet again the Just Not Fare girls left it all on the field with TDs scored by Noa Goldrich (X2) and Deena Horstein (X2). Racheli Abell caught 2 Pick-6s, and EPs were made by Yakira Marcus (X2), Avi Goldrich and Noa Goldrich. The game finally came to a close with a 40-6 win for Just Not Fare.

MVPs: Sima Solomon (Mishaan) & Yakira Marcus (Just Not Fare).


Big Blue v. Eden’s Eagles

[ 20 – 0 ] / [ 20 – 6 ]

Big Blue started their game with a great offensive drive, led by gorgeous throws by QB Roni Kahn to Daniella Friedman, and resulting in a TD caught by Eli Baumol. Big Blues’ defense was just as impressive, as Atara Klein and Meira Jacobowitz pulled flags and Elisheva Marcus intercepted twice. Meanwhile, Meira Dobkin of Eden’s Eagles caught a superb interception. Big Blue eventually scored 2 more TDs, caught by Elisheva Marcus and Ora Gold, and Daniella Brown caught the 2 Eps, bringing the final score to a 20-0 win for Big Blue.

Game 2 had the Eagles’ Nitzana Strous spinning across the field and scoring their first TD of the night. Big Blue refused to lag behind, and Eli Baumol caught an awesome pick-6, with Elisheva Marcus securing the EP. The Eagles’ defensive player Meira Dobkin caught another interception, while Big Blues’ Yehudit Brickner kept pulling flags behind the scrimmage line. With 2 more TDs caught by Eli Baumol and Daniella Friedman, and an EP caught by Ora Gold, the game came to an end with a 20-6 win for Big Blue.

MVPs: Elisheva Marcus (Big Blue) & Meira Dobkin (Eden’s Eagles)


Kosher Casual v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 14 – 6 ] / [ 12 – 6 ]

It was freezing cold and the ball was slippery as ice, but Kosher Casual overcame the conditions to pull out two victories against Let's Get Ready to Fumble. In their first game, Penny Rabin caught 2 TDs, EPs were made by Merav Barach and Adi Shulman. Merav also had 2 interceptions. LGRTFs’ Eden Glick and Zohar Block caught 2 interceptions, and Zoe scored a TD for the Fumbles.

In Game 2, a TD was scored by Penny Rabin. Tirza Willner had an interception. Strong rushing all night from Lulu Dubin and Laura Ben David pressured the Fumbles QB into hurried passes. Lulu and Tirza made many strong pulls in the center to keep the other team to minimal yardage. LGRTF handled the pressure well, with a TD by Eden Glick and interceptions by Eden and Zohar Block. With seconds left in the game, Kosher Casuals’ QB Cindy Scaar threw a TD to Adi Shulman to seal the 12-6 victory for the Casuals.

MVPs: Cindy Scaar (Kosher Casual) & Zohar Block (LGRTF)


Judean Rebels v. Paiges Lakers/Wolves

[ 28 – 0 ] / [ 26 – 0 ]

The final 2 games of the night had Judean Rebels up against Paiges Lakers/Wolves. The Rebels barely let the Wolves catch a break, with impressive interceptions by Daniella Azar (X2) and Shelby Binstock, TDs scored by Shelby (X2), Rivka Weinberg and Raquella Raiz, and EPs caught by Shelby, Daniella and Rivka.

Game 2 was just as intense, with the Rebels defense interceptions by QB Bayla Greenblum, Shelby Binstock and Tiferet Atkin. On offense, Rivka Weinberg caught 2 TDs and an EP, Tiferet Atkin and Shelby Binstock caught a TD each. Final score: 26 – o win for Judean Rebels.

MVPs: Shelby Binstock (Judean Rebels) & Eliana Raz (Paiges Lakers/Wolves)