WAFI – Week 8


WEEK 8 / Jan. 13th


Mishaan v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 18 – 6 ] / [ 13 – 27 ]

After too long a vacation from kraft stadium, Rashbag Rhinos returned rejuvenated and ready for some football! First up- Mishaan plumbers, who brought some killer moves, scoring 3 TDs total in the first game, caught by Eta Cohnen (2) and Dalia Tesler. On defense, Sima Solomon and Eta Cohnen had interceptions. Rashbag Rhinos’ Adira Orbach scored a TD for her team, bringing the final score up to an 18-6 win for Mishaan.

Mishaan started game 2 with a fantastic TD by Eta Cohnen, and later on, Dalia Tesler scored another TD for her team, with Neely Saker securing an EP. Unfortunately for Mishaan, Rashbag Rhinos came to win, with TDs caught by Deena Karger, Dahlia Sered and Adira Orbach (2). EPs secured by Deena and Adira- who also swooped in for an interception. Final score: 27-13 win for the Rhinos.

MVPs: Dalia Tesler (Mishaan) & Adira Orbach (Just Not Fare).


Wildkatz v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 0 – 25 ] / [ 6 – 18 ]

The game we’ve all been waiting for- the 2020 Seminary Showdown! MMYs’ Wildkatz were all ready to challenge TVAs’ Rashbag Rhinos. As in their previous game, the Rhinos’ Adira Orbach was on fire, bringing in 3 TDs for her team, as well as an EP. Deena Karger and Mia Raskin caught interceptions, and Mia scored a TD, resulting in a 25-0 win for Rashbag Rhinos.

Game 2 started off quite repetitively, and just as impressively, with TDs scored by Rashbag Rhinos’ Adira Orbach (2) and Dhalia Sered. Adira and Dhalia had a great defensive game as well, with an interception each. The ever-optimistic and jubilant Wildkatz were great sports throughout their game, and were super excited when Jessica Zemble scored a TD for her team! Final score: 18-6 win for the Rhinos.

MVPs: Avigail Schiff (Wildkatz) & Yakira Solomont (Rashbag Rhinos)


Big Blue v. Kosher Casual

[ 6 – 16 ] / [ 0 – 14 ]

The highly anticipated battle for first place took place this Monday night when Big Blue and Kosher Casual, both with 11-1 records, met on the gridiron – and Kosher Casual came, saw, and conquered. Game 1 kicked off with a TD scored by Kosher Casuals’ Michal Alge, EP by Adi Shulman. Big Blue’s Daniella Friedman was quick to retaliate with a TD, but their EP attempt was intercepted by Kosher Casuals’ Penny Rabin who ran it all the way back for a safety. Kosher Cas’ Nadia Brenner scored their second TD and Michal Alge caught the EP, ending the game with a 16-6 win for the Kosher girls.

Tensions were high in game 2, with strong defensive drives from both teams. TDs were scored by Kosher Casuals’ Merav Barach and Michal Alge, EP by Esther Feldhamer and Penny Rabin. Rusher Tirza Willner had 2 sacks. Final score – 14-0 win for Kosher Casual.

MVPs: Daniella Friedman (Big Blue) & Michal Alge (Kosher Casual)


Just Not Fare v. Paiges Lakers/Wolves

[ 19 – 0 ] / [ 0 – 0 ]

In yet another fantastic night for team Just Not Fare, 3 TD were scored by players Monica Neustadter and Racheli Abell (2), with Deena Hornstein bringing in an EP. On defense, interceptions were snatched up by Daniella Kaplansky (2), Avi Goldrich and Margalit Abell. The wolves put up a good fight, with an interception by Talya Kishinef, but the game came to a close before they were able to score, ending in a 19-0 win for Just Not Fare.

In an intense second game, Paiges Lakers/Wolves tightened their defense immensely and managed to hold off Just Not Fare from scoring any TDs during the entirety of the game! Eliana Raz caught a fantastic interception. Just Not Fares’ defense was just as air-tight, and the never-ending game finally ended with a 0-0 tie.

MVPs: Racheli Abell (Just Not Fare) & Elisheva Leff (Paiges Lakers/Wolves)



Judean Rebels v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 25 – 0 ] / [ 28 – 0 ]


With superb throws by QB Bayla Greenblum all night long, Judean Rebels scored 4 TDs, caught by Rivka Weinberg (2) and Shelby Binstock (2). EP caught by Shelby. The Rebels’ defensive game was just as impressive with 6 interceptions in total- 3 caught by Shelby Binstock, 2 by Raquella Raiz and 1 by Tiferet Atkin. LGRTF had killer defenders as well, with interceptions by Eden Glick and Zoe Block, and a Sack by Eden. Final score: 25-0 win for Judean Rebels.

Game 2 felt like Deja-vu, with a sack and an interception by LGRTFs’ Eden Glick and another interception by Zoe Block. The Rebels’ kept on shining with TDs by Rivka Weinberg (2), Shelby Binstock and Shalavit Rausman. EPs were scored by Shleby (3) and Rivka, and rusher Ilana Weinberg got a sack. The game ended in a 28-0 win for the Rebels.

MVPs: Shelby Binstock + Bayla Greenblum (Judean Rebels) & Eden Glick (LGRTF)