WAFI – Week 9


WEEK 9 / Jan. 27th


Rashbag Rhinos v. Eden’s Eagles

[ 27 – 0 ] / [ 14 – 6 ]

It’s another double-header week for Rashbag Rhinos, and they came well prepared with lots of energy! The Rhinos knocked it out of the park in their first game, with 4 TDs scored by: Dahlia Sered, Adira Orbach (x2) and Naomi Butler. EPs caught by Naomi Butler, Dahlia Sered and Fay Koyfman.

In game 2, the Rashbag Rhinos continued their winning streak with 2 TDs caught by Adira Orbach. Adira also secured 1 EP, and Yakira Solomont caught the other EP. Eden’s Eagles were finally able to sneak a TD past the rhinos’ defense, caught by speedy Zahava Marcus.

MVPs: Leora Dallas (Rashbag Rhinos) & Zahava Marcus (Eden’s Eagles).


Rashbag Rhinos v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 13 – 0 ] / [ 16 – 12 ]

The Rhinos’ first game against LGRTF started just as expected- with a TD scored by Adira Orbach. The Fumble girls put up a great fight, but eventually Adira Orbach scored another TD. EP secured by Emily Zrihen, and interceptions snatched by Emily and Adira.

LGRTF had a strong offense in game 2, and scored 2 TD, caught by Eden Glick and Zoe Block. Rashbag Rhinos fought hard to even out the score, with TDs caught by Adira Orbach and Yakira Solomont. The game-changer was the 2-point conversions caught by Rhinos’ Adira and Dahlia Sered that ended up winning them the game!

MVPs: Mia Raskin (Rashbag Rhinos) & Eden Glick (Let’s Get Ready to Fumble).


Big Blue v. Mishaan

[ 6 – 0 ] / [ 12 – 6 ]

In a very tight and intense game, Big Blues’ second string QB Eli Baumol kept her cool under the pressure and threw a fantastic TD pass to Ora Gold. EP attempt was thwarted by Mishaans’ impressive defense. Big Blue’s defense was just as superb, with many flag-pulls and blocks by rusher Yehudit Brickner, Atara Klein, Meira Jacobowitz and Elisheva Marcus.

In game 2, Big Blue started strong with a TD scored by Daniella Friedman. Mishaan was quick to retaliate with a TD of their own, caught by Eta Cohnen. Friedman brought in another TD for Big Blue just as the game was coming to a close, winning the game for the Blues.

MVPs: Eli Baumol (Big Blue) & Sima Solomon (Mishaan).


Just Not Fare v. Judean Rebels

[ 0 – 25 ] / [ 0 – 18 ]

Judean Rebels’ QB Bayla Greenblum led her team to a 2 game victory over Just Not Fare, with bullet TD passes caught by Shelby Binstock, Rivka Weinberg, Maya Perry and Raquella Raiz. EP scored by Tiferet Atkin, and interceptions snatched up by Shelby Binstock and Raquella Raiz.

The Rebels’ second game was just as smashing, with an interception by Shelby and TDs scored by Maya Perry, Shelby Binstock and Rivka Weinberg.

MVPs: Noa Goldrich (Just Not Fare) & Maya Perry (Judean Rebels).


Kosher Casual v. Wildkatz

[ 32 – 0 ] / [ 28 – 0 ]

With 2 shutdown victories over Wildkatz, Kosher Casual secured their first place in the leagues’ standings. In Game 1, TDs were scored by Michal Alge (x2), Nadia Brenner (pick-6), Merav Barach and Penny Rabin. EPs caught by Michal and Merav.

In game 2, Kosher Casual’s Laura Ben David scored the first 2 points with a sack that resulted in a safety. TDs were scored by Penny Rabin (x2), Michal Alge and Merav Barach, while Penny and Tirza Willner brought in the EPs. Interception snatched up by Lulu Dubin.

MVPs: Penny Rabin (Kosher Casual) & Sela Pollack (Wildkatz).