WEEK 1 / Nov. 18th

The 2019/2020 WAFI season officially started! 8 of our teams faced off in exhilarating games, and the scoreboard finally has points tallying up. Here are some highlights from each of the games.


Eretz Capital v. the Wolves

[ 13 – 6 ] / [ 22 – 6 ]

In a showdown between some of the youngest players in the league, the first game kicked off with an incredible TD scored on the very first play by the Wolves, scored by Talia Kishineff. Eretz Capital defense held strong and prevented the Wolves from gaining an extra point. Later on, the Capital girls retaliated with 2 TDs of their own, both caught by Eta Cohnen, and an extra point by Adiella Cohnen, bringing the final score to a 13-6 win for Eretz. Interceptions were made by the Wolves’ Talia Kishineff and Shira Leber, and Eretz Capitals’ Neely Saker.

Game 2 brought many more interceptions: The wolves’ Elisheva Leff, Shira Leber and Talia Kishineff, and Eretz Capitals’ Eta Cohnen, Neely Saker and Mollie Eisen. The wolves’ Shira caught a beautiful TD for her team, but unfortunately for them Eretz Capital came out on top yet again with 4 TDs scored by Adiella and Eta Cohnen, Mollie Eisen and Dalia Tesler. Extra points were scored by Eta and Mollie, and the game ended in a 22-6 win for Eretz Capital.


Kosher Casual v. Just Not Fare

[ 14 – 6 ] / [ 14 – 0 ]

Kosher Casual’s season got underway with a bang, as Penny Rabin took a handoff from QB Cindy Scarr and ran through defense all the way to the endzone. Esther Feldhamer caught the extra point. Michal Alge caught Kosher Casuals’ second TD as well as the extra point. Meanwhile, Just Not fare gave their own fight and scored a TD, caught by Noa Goldrich, and Racheli Abell swooped in with an incredible interception on defense.  Kosher Casuals defense played lights out to prevent Just Not Fare from scoring again till the end of the game.

In their second game of the night, Kosher Casual’s Penny Rabin ran back an interception for a pick-6. Michal Alge scored a TD and both the extra points, bring Kosher Casuals’ score up to a 14-0 lead. Defense kept Just Not Fare at bay with strong rushing from Tirza Willner and strong defense from Nadia Brenner and Adi Shulman on the sides, and with Esther Feldhamer, Penny Rabin and Michal Alge covering the middle of the field.


Coolbeans v. Eden’s Eagles

[ 14 – 7 ] / [ 0 – 6 ]

Both games between the Coolbeans and Eden’s Eagles were very close and super competitive. Eden’s Eagles’ Meira Dobkin scored their first TD of the season, while Nitzana Strous brought in the extra point. Coolbeans felt the pressure and quickly scored 2 TDs of their own, caught by Esthey Cohen and Zoe Block. Esthey brought in the 2 Extra points, bringing the game to a final score of 14-7 for Coolbeans. Defense was on point for both teams, with an interception by Nitzana Strous of Eden’s Eagles and Zoe Block of Coolbeans.

Eden’s Eagles came back hungry for revenge in their second game and their defense held the Coolbeans back from scoring the entire game. With a TD by Nitzana Strous, 2 interceptions by Nitzana and 1 by Esther Guedalia, the game came to a close with a 6-0 win for the Eagles.


Big Blue v. Wildkatz

[ 20 – 0 ] / [ 19 – 0 ]

In this seasons’ first shutout, Big Blue defense came out baring arms and prevented MMY’s Wildkatz from scoring all night long, thanks to quick flag pulls by Atara Klein, Meira Jacobowitz and Elisheva Dre-Marcus. Though the Wildkatz’ defense was quick on their feet, with some impressive blocks and flag pulls, Big Blue’s offense led by superb throws from QB Roni Kahn and amazing catches by Daniella Friedman, were able to score 3 TDs caught by Eli Baumol, Elisheva Dre-Marcus and Daniella Brown. The extra point was secured by Ora Gold. The Wildkatz remained high-spirited throughout the game, and definitely deserved at least 14 spirit points, for those keeping score.

Game 2 had Big Blue defense in high gear with a beautiful pick-6 caught by Eli Baumol. The speedy Yehudit and Nechama Brickner were both successful at sacking the Wildkatzs’ QB. On Offense, QB Roni threw awesome long passes to Daniella Friedman who ran them down the field, while Daniella Brown caught 2 more TDs and an extra point, bringing the game to a close with a 19-0 win for Big Blue.